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So what’s the story on the Real {Cheap} Housewives of Texas? Pull up a chair and get comfy!

Heather and Whitney are sisters.

Heather and Brittaney met in high school over french braids in speech class. What?

Tarah, Sars, and Heather met on www.theknot.com back in the day when they were all planning their weddings.

Heather’s two worlds collided when she decided to let Brittaney meet Tarah and Sars. Whitney knew all of them because of Heather.

Got that?

Now we’re all buddies, and when we went to the Haven Conference in June 2012, we were inspired to start a group blog to showcase all of our DIY talents and DIY fails. Yes, there will be fails.

Here’s a little bit about each of us!

I’m Heather. I am 35 and have worked at the same place for nearly half of my life – 17 years. I am married to Kevin and we have 2 kids dogs named Booda and Oliver. No, we are not having children – by choice. Yes, you can tell me all day long that I will change my mind, but I’m 99.9% sure that is not going to happen!  I have the “no kids allowed craft/drinking room” in my house. I’m sure you will see plenty of pictures taken in that room on this blog!

My current favorites are as follows -

Food: Deluxe Chicken Enchiladas from Chuy’s

Drink: Sweet tea

Candy: Sour Patch Kids

Craft: Fabric Flowers, currently

DIY Project: Painting anything and everything with chalk paint

My favorite Pinterest Board: Paint, Paint, Paint

Song: Thrift Shop. The explicit version. It just isn’t the same if I don’t get to sing the REAL words in the car. (Remember, no kids here)

Color: Gray

Place to vacation: Anywhere cold. Alaska? Antarctica? Never been to either one, but these Texas summers have got to GO.

Item of clothing: Yoga pants. Yes, seriously.


I’m Whitney (also Heather’s sister). I am 32 and married to my husband, Chris for almost 10 years. We have a 5 year old son, Logan, who challenges us daily and cracks us up at the same time. I have been staying home with him for the past 2 years and I work part-time at a church preschool. Before staying home I taught elementary special education, which I still miss, but I have found a perfect mix of staying home and working now. In my spare time, I love to bargain shop and just recently I have become addicted to painting/re-doing furniture with Annie Sloan paint. I also enjoy finding and experimenting with new recipes and finding ways to save my family money. I also blog at Hot Wheels and Hissy Fits, which is about 3 years old and mainly a personal blog with a few projects and recipes thrown in there.

My current favorites:

Food: Probably the Chipotle burrito bowl with steak, rice, black beans, lettuce, cheese, and sour cream. Healthy, right?!

Drink: Sweet Tea, duh

Candy: Hot Tamales (I always have a box in my nightstand)

Craft: Anything Heather coaches me through–mainly wreaths or other Pinterest projects

DIY Project: Right now–painting everything I can get my hands on with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Favorite Pinterest Board: Probably Baby, Baby–I love dreaming and imagining what my next nursery/baby will be like (hopefully)

Song: Don’t really have one–although I am constantly singing songs from a Vacation Bible School CD that my son got since he always wants to listen to it

Color: Blueish Green

Place to Vacation: Anywhere with cool temperatures, mountains, and streams/waterfalls

Item of Clothing: Sundresses and Maxi dresses have been my go-to piece this summer for going out, but ratty t-shirts and holey shorts still rank at the top for at-home wear :)

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521367_10151349958881921_1862613998_n I’m Sarah, best known as Sars. First off, I don’t craft. So why am I blogging here? Exactly.
I’ve got plenty to say but I don’t necessarily know that it will be super often. Not that I’m any busier than anyone else, but I’m really busy. I’m married to JBB, who can pretty much do anything. He should really have his own show on DIY Network but instead he is a teacher. His summers off have been when we have renovated the kitchen, front entry, den and patio of our 1959 ranch in East Dallas. The only thing we haven’t touched is the shared bathroom. I think that is mainly due to sticker shock. Hopefully you will get to see that take place here on the blog.

I am a working mom and my 9-5 is spent in marketing and communications at a pediatric hospital. My son, Mack, is 3 and the reason I do what I do. The mission of my hospital is to “Make life better for children” but my personal mission is to “make life better for Mack.” It is not lost on me that the day of his birth, June 25, 2009, a child molester died. Go ahead and google “who died on June 25, 2009?” and come back.

Heather gave me the nick name Sars and it just kind of stuck. Sarah is a very hard name to produce a nick name from so I am grateful to her for the eternal correlation to a fast-spreading disease.

My current favorites are as follows -

Food: Mott’s for Tots Fruit Snacks – I sneak them from my son’s stash and just found out today they are horrible for your teeth

Drink: No sweet tea here, I drink mine unsweetened but what I really prefer is a Dogfish Head 90.

Candy: Nerds

Craft: Not really my style. I don’t like a lot of trinket-type stuff and I’m just not a crafty person. I guess I would like to learn to sew, does that count?

DIY Project: Fireplace and built-ins – another proyecto for my husband, JBB

My favorite Pinterest Board: Truth

Song: All I Want is You by U2

Color: Green

Place to vacation: The beach or mountains or Europe or Africa

Item of clothing: I’m a big fan of black.

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Hi y’all! I’m Tarah, 34, married to Jody for almost 9 years. I am a full-time stay at home mommy to Jaxon (5), Trent (3 1/2) and Savannah (2), all 3 through adoption after years of infertility. I’m a huge Texas Rangers fan. My husband is a baseball widow for 6 months out of the year. I have a background in design, specifically graphic design and floral. I owned a wedding floral design business for 11 years, and “retired” when our daughter arrived.

I am quite the crafty person. I will work with and try just about anything …. except sewing. I refuse to learn to sew, y’all. Besides, that’s what I have my mom for. She’s a master with a sewing machine! I’m big into decorating – for the home and for holidays. I’m excited to have a nice new house to decorate and show off.

Food – grilled shrimp anything at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

Drink – sweet tea, but only when I’m out of the house

Candy – anything with peanut butter and chocolate combined

Craft – wreaths

DIY project – decorating my house (it’s a blank slate!)

Pinterest board – Wreaths Galore

Song – All-time fav: Crazy (Pat Green), currently: anything Pitbull (not HIM, just his voice)

Color – purple

Place to vacation – any place cooler

Item of clothing – tank tops and maxi dresses


Howdy! I’m Brittaney - the self-diagnoised OCD/ADD one of the bunch. It is both a blessing and a curse! I have spent the last 10 years as an elementary school teacher. For the forseeable future, I’ll be a stay-at-home-mom for the first time ever. Wooo-Hooo! I think I’ll be just fabulous at it :) My wonderful husband of 10+ years, Jason, has made his golf hobby a profession on purpose. When I complain he’s at the course too much, it’s always “for work” *wink*wink*! He will be known as ‘Golf Guy or The Golfer’. We are proud parents to Madeline, 9, who’s a little ‘mini-me’ only lots better. She’s sweet, tender-hearted, & creative. And then there’s Jackson, 5, our  spit-fire. He has a vivid imagination, a big personality and doesn’t meet a stranger. I credit all my creativity to my very artsy mother, who’s an antique dealer. My DIY know-how goes to my father, who remodeled every home we lived in. I hope sharing my journey will inspire, motivate, or just  simply entertain !

Food – Mexican

Drink – Coffee/Coke/Wine (a beverage for each part of the day :)

Candy – does ice cream count?

Craft – I can’t pick just one!

DIY Project – all of them. Currently working on a bathroom remodel!

Pinterest board – all of them

Song – umm, I don’t know

Color – black

Place to vacation – anywhere involving a plane or a cruise

Item of clothing – I’d rather have a root canal than have to go shopping for clothes!

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14 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Michele

    I “think” I sat next to you ladies in the Goodwill Hunting session at Haven 2012. I was a fellow Texan and it was nice to see some friendly faces from home. I just now stumbled on your website and will be following from now on!

    1. Heather

      I think I was the only one who didn’t go to that session out of our group (and apparently it was THE hit of the conference), so I hope they behaved themselves!

    1. Tarah Post author

      Personally, I hate real cold. I would prefer “spring” weather without the hail/tornados/winds.


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