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4 Ways to get that ‘vacation feel’ at home

We are experiencing a very abnormal cold front in Dallas this week. Today the high was maybe 89? It was chilly on my way in to work in the A.M., I lunched on a patio and I drove home with my sunroof open.

Pure bliss.

Well, as much bliss as you can have between emails, phone calls, pagers going off (I work in health care and yes, we still use pagers) and screaming kids. A quick glance at my phone lock screen shows a photo of my husband and son running into the ocean this past Spring Break and immediately calms me down.
Seaside boys

In March, we were able to vacation in beautiful Seaside, FL Seaside

but the stars did not align to repeat that trip this summer. While there, I jotted down a few ideas of how I could have the ‘vacation feel’ at home. If you are only able to stay-cation this summer, I hope these tips will help you.

1. Get unplugged. When you are on vacation, you are focused on enjoying the weather, the sights, your family, food, fun and more. Being tied to technology takes a back seat to pure enjoyment on vacation, so why can’t it be like that at home on the weekends and after five? I have actually been trying this for some time. During the weekends I turn off the access to my work email, if there is an emergency, the important people know how to reach me via the phone. Replace your technology time with evening bike rides or swims, one-on-one dates with your children – or better yet, your spouse. Enjoy your time away from the office and live in the moment.

Seaside house

2. Clear your clutter. The home we stayed at in Seaside was a picturesque beach house. In fact, I was sure I had recognized the laundry room from a magazine. Turns out, I had pinned a photo of it several months ago. Besides the beautiful furnishings and finishes, what I really noticed in the house was the lack of clutter. Sure, no one lives there most of the year, but when the home owners or their guests are there, everything has a place. This past week I have been focusing on clearing out our clutter. It’s one thing to have stuffed everything in a closet so no one can see but it’s another to actually have a place for all your belongings. Sell or donate duplicates, shred once important but no longer needed documents and organize the rest.

3. Prioritize your commitments. The summer is a great time to re-focus on what’s really important to you and your family. With school out, it seems the family commitments begin to slow down. Re-evaluate how much of yourself you can give to your schools, church, women’s auxiliary, etc. If you are a perfectionist or an over-achiever, this can be hard. For the last two years, I have held very heavy volunteer positions with the Junior League of Dallas, I was beginning to get burned out and it made volunteering no longer fun. This year, I have scaled back and am already loving my new placement. I know my focus in the coming school year needs to be on my job and my son. Remember, no one is taking this time away from you. You are giving it to them. Choose wisely.

seaside with mack

4. Use white linens. Back at that beautiful Seaside house I noticed all of the linens were white. At my favorite hotels, the linens are white. There’s something about the freshness of white linens. Not only are they super easy to clean (throw in some bleach and they are like new) but the crispness of the white makes any room look sharp and put together. We’re about to begin a bathroom remodel and I’m already planning on clean, white towels and floor mats.

These simple ideas are just a few ways to help quiet your chaos and help you enjoy your summer. What are your favorite ways to enjoy summer vacation at home?


Mother’s Day cleaning

I hope y’all had a great Mother’s Day! I had breakfast made for me, watched a movie with my 2 little boys, giggled with my sweet little girl and they gave me a beautiful new purse. It’s stunning and has purple accents! I love purple!

While I know most mothers relax on Mother’s Day, I suddenly felt the urge to do a “mother’s day cleaning” of the banisters of our stairs. I have been going up and down those stairs, noticing them getting dirtier and dirtier. I rarely have that “urge” so I ran with it. However, after going through the cleaning supplies, I found that I didn’t have any “all purpose cleaner”.
All purpose cleaner

  • spray bottle
  • 2 cups warm water
  • 1 cup distilled white vinegar
  • 2 TBSP dishwashing soap

Directions are very simple – mix it all together in the spray bottle. See, very simple.

I started cleaning with a paper towel, the graduated to a sponge and followed with a paper towel. Now, there’s a before and after picture. Don’t judge. Remember, I have 3 young children that go up and down these stairs at least 50 times a day.

Before and after cleaning I found a few “recipes” for this all purpose cleaner. I just went with the one I had all the ingredients for. Cottage Sweet Cottage is the one I chose to use. Big Box Detox also has one that’s similar. Any of these will work. I think it worked very well and I love my clean banisters

I finally used the white vinegar for what it SHOULD be used for instead of, I don’t know, plotting to seriously injure my husband.


Pin There. Done That. Kids’ Artwork Storage {Whitney Edition}

I have been meaning to organize Logan’s artwork/paperwork for some time now. Especially now that he is in Kindergarten, the cute crafts and writing samples just keep pouring in. Everything has been scattered throughout my house–in the guest room, in the cabinets, in drawers, some of it on the walls as display. But still very scattered. And driving me crazy.

I saw this pin a long time ago and thought I re-pinned it. Apparently I did not, so I had to go back and find it again today.


logan folder

I was in need of a file storage box but I had a few hanging folders to at least get me started. After a quick (are they ever quick?) trip to Target, I was able to get started. I will say I am glad I started now–I can’t imagine going through everything after more than 5 years. Logan has already built up quite the stash. I will be starting one of these with the new baby ASAP.

2013-03-02 15.17.02 I had a lot of artwork from before Logan started preschool–either done at home or with his sitter (from when I taught full-time), so I added a file for those years. (BTW, how much do you love this picture? Cracks me up everytime I see it!)

logan preschool

He went to 2 different preschools (one at age 3 and one at 4) but I combined them in one.

logan blurred

Ah, Kindergarten. This file has art, writing samples, report cards and other miscellaneous items I (or Logan) couldn’t part with.

2013-03-02 15.19.27 And now it is ALL in one place. Nice and neat. It will go in his closet, easy to get to but out of the way.

All the printables I used for the front of the files are available here. There are also printable file folder labels, but I didn’t use those. I may go back and get some later and use them, but for now I will call it good.

I also made a file for all of Logan’s Santa letters. I have saved them since 2008 (the first year he could actually scribble). I will add hanging folders for every year and hopefully be able to keep it contained to one box–maybe that will be my goal so I can weed things out appropriately as we go along.

It feels really good to have it all organized and safe. My nesting phase has seemingly kicked in early and this satisfied that urge today.

Do you have your kids’ artwork organized? How have you done yours?

Also, see how Brittaney organizes her kids’ artwork here!


Bring on the Laundry! Or, How I Almost Died.

Finally. A room reveal. The laundry room/area!                                                                           It’s not the laundry room of my dreams, but it’s what I’ve got to work with.                                          It’s A LOT better than it was.                                                                                                     Our bathroom & closet are up next. Golf Guy is laying the floor as I type this.

Before….I know, I didn’t even bother to clean up.

bathroom door before

laundry closet before

laundry room doorway before

Look what he does on his day off! Ahhh….he only thought this part was bad….just wait.

golf guy demolition

Then, I asked him to repurpose the top part of our entertainment center we no longer needed into a folding table/countertop area. I couldn’t stand to just throw it out.

There are no pictures of the day he constructed it. I’ve only seen my husband really mad/frustrated a handful of times in 13 years. That was one of them.

I’m pretty sure he had thoughts of killing me in my sleep. At least prison is DIY free.            Yes, he was THAT mad.


repurposed entertainment center

So here’s the finished product. Except the fug floor. That will come later.                       Later, later.

backpack hooks wall organizer

Yes, the doors don’t match. It bothers me. Doors are expensive so I have to live with it.


Our bedroom door on the left, bathroom door on the right.

Our bedroom door on the left, bathroom door on the right.

Our bathroom door and laundry area.

Our bathroom door and laundry area.

The folding table that nearly got me murdered. It was worth it. Almost.

The folding table that nearly got me murdered. It was worth it. Almost.

The counter had to be put high since it had to go above the water connections so we wouldn’t see that ugliness!

View of leaving the laundry room.

View of leaving the laundry room.

Right by the washer & dryer is the giant life-size ruler that measures the kid’s height. It’s one of my most favorite things!

Just got summoned to help…have a great Sunday y’all!




Thoughts on another blog conference

As I’m sitting here waiting for Haven Conference tickets to go on sale in a few minutes, I’m remembering what I did right and what I did wrong to prepare for Haven last year. Here are our helpful tips if you ever decide to go to one!

1. Take business cards. If you have a blog and you show up without business cards or something with your blog name on it, just forget it! People were trading business cards like they were gold last year. Now, I was the only one in our group who took business cards – I was the only one with a really active blog at that time – and I passed out several and received several. One helpful hint might be to take a hole punch and a binder ring and keep them together that way – I will definitely do that this time. This year we will be taking cards for RCHOTX, you can bet on that!

2. Don’t decide to start a new blog WHILE you are at a blog conference! You’re looking at our brainchild from Haven right here. I had good intentions to keep using my Lazy Wife blog as well as this one, but that hasn’t really worked out – so now all of those people who took my business card are being sent to a blog that hasn’t been updated in months! Oops. While you may be gung-ho about a new blog when you’re talking about starting one, actually doing it is a whole different animal. Bloggin’ ain’t easy.

3. Don’t let one person ruin your conference experience. I learned that some people are really nice and excited to meet you until someone better comes along. There was one blogger that a couple of us were excited to talk to and hang out with (and we thought she felt the same way), and she just completely dissed us because (in my opinion) we weren’t “big” enough. To this day, I’m still annoyed with her and will probably avoid her this time, since I’m sure she will be attending. It’s unfortunate that some people are in this for the publicity and name-dropping – that’s not why we are in this. Her strategy got her pretty far this year, so I guess it paid off for her. However, she lost a faithful blog reader in me. I won’t say she ruined the conference for me, but she definitely left a bad taste in my mouth about it. There IS a way to network with the “big guys” and still be nice to the peons (me).

4. Socializing/networking. This one was tough for me. I was with a group of 6, and 4 didn’t really care about the blogging part of the conference. I would have liked to meet more people, but I also wanted to spend time with the people I came with. It didn’t help that the hotel ballroom that the “social events” were held in was teeny tiny and it was more than a bit warm with all those people! Add that to the fact that I am more than a little bit claustrophobic and it makes for a bad scene. This year, I will be attending with only 1 or 2 other housewives, and we are all interested in networking/blogging, so maybe it will be different this time.

5. Pick your sessions ahead of time and have a strategy. We did do this, and it worked out great. Because there were so many of us (6), we basically got every session that we were interested in covered. I did not attend any of the blogging sessions, because I was more interested in the DIY aspect. This year, though, I think I will be more interested in the blogging sessions and will probably try to do a little of both. I learned so much last year, and I intend to learn even more this year, now that I know what I’m doing with the blog thing!

6. Prepare to ship stuff home. I sent a 33 pound box home from last year’s conference. Let me just tell you, these conferences give away a LOT of stuff. There is no way I could have fit everything in an empty bag to take home with me – just plan on spending the bucks to ship it. I can tell you which post office in Atlanta to avoid if you need me to :)

7. Enjoy yourself. We ate dinner at different places every night (with Haven, you’re on your own with dinner) and loved them. We weren’t afraid to leave the hotel, and we found some great places! Some sponsors will “host” dinners during blog conferences, but they are invite-only. I am not planning on being invited to any of those, but who knows?! I will certainly go if I am! We did a little shopping and sightseeing while we were there as well. We will rent a car again this year and do some exploring, because Atlanta is a pretty neat city.

8. Dress comfortable, but cute. Everyone there was dressed nicely – not fancy, but put together. I will definitely be saving some extra money to buy some nicer clothes for the conference. Wear comfortable shoes, but not flip flops. Too many people there, too many power tools laying around. You don’t want to lose a toe!

Well, the three of us got our tickets (me, Tarah, and Sars) – Tarah and I were able to get the early bird discounted ticket (saved $25!) and those 50 sold out in under a minute! I feel quite sure the rest will sell out pretty quickly… 50% of your Real {Cheap} Housewives of Texas will be hitting up Atlanta come August 1!


Printable Calendars for 2013!

As you all know, I am a sucker for printables. Big time. And yes, I also use a paper calendar. I know, I know, take a minute to catch your breath on that one. I’m old school and proud of it.

The geeky part of me is so happy this time of year, because there are always so many awesome printable (FREE!) calendars floating around the internet and this year I get to share them with all of you! You’re welcome!

Little Friendly Owl


This one is from My Owl Barn. It is really customizable – as in, you pick the picture and the month it goes on. They also have the option to download/print the premade calendar.

Creative Mamma Calendar


This one from Creative Mamma is great, especially if you need to actually write on your calendar (like me). It’s easy to read, not too fussy, and pretty!

TomKat Studio Printable 2013 Calendar


TomKat Studio has been a favorite of mine for a few years. This calendar is one of my favorites, because I love the colors and the fonts (yes, I’m a huge font dork).

Love vs Design Printable 2013 Calendar


This one from Love vs Design is just pretty. I like their style (obviously)!

The Twinery 2013 Printable Calendar


The Twinery gives you two options on size – 1 full sheet or 1/2 sheet! I like this idea!

Ellinee - 2013 Printable Calendar


Elinee Journal got me with all the cool fonts at the top! How many calendars does one girl need?!

Blooming Homestead 2013 Printable Calendar


This is a really pretty one from Blooming Homestead – I like that they all coordinate, yet they are different. Very nice!

Miss Tiina 2013 Printable Calendar

Miss Tiina likes bright colors just like I do! Happy and simple.

I Should Be Mopping the Floor 2013 Printable Calendar


Kristi @ I Should Be Mopping the Floor made a colorful, bright, one page calendar that I LOVE. I should print several out – these one page calendars are handy.

Well, I think that’s about all I can do tonight – I rang in the new year typing on the blog! Is this indicative of the upcoming year for me? (Probably).

Tarah, Sars, and I are buying our tickets for Haven Conference tomorrow morning. I’m hoping we can get them before they sell out! Cross your fingers for us :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Love from all of us at RCHOTX.



How NOT to make a paper organizer

So, I have this little problem called “craft hoarding” if you haven’t figured that out yet. This post concerns scrapbook paper, and scrapbook paper only. I start twitching if I think about more than one thing at a time when it comes to organizing.

Previously, I was keeping all of my scrapbook paper in a chest of drawers. Worked great. However, there is only so much room in a chest of drawers and my love for paper outgrew the size of the drawers. I emptied out the chest because I was going to paint it anyway, and I had to take my stash to a Pinterest Party, so I dumped it into a rather large Rubbermaid container. (Truth be told, I left some at home, so technically I filled up 1.5 huge Rubbermaid containers).

I’ve been home from the Pinterest Party for, oh, two months. The paper is still in the plastic bins. They have been serving as an excellent ottoman at my craft table, so I will be sad to lose them but it’s time to go.

Now I was left with the question of what in the hell to do with all this paper. Working with a non-existent budget, my options were limited. I found all kinds of neat ways to do it – but none of them were what I was looking for.


(Not my picture – if you click on it, it links to the post where I found it).

Hello! Priority Mail boxes! If you buy stuff online, you probably have some. This size is 12x12x5, I believe it says “large” on the side. I used these boxes, but I would highly recommend NOT using them for a couple of reasons – 1) the Feds might bust down your doors if these aren’t used for mailing (so use recycled ones!), and 2) if you’re a perfectionist like me, you’re not going to like the brown cardboard insides. Ugh. Container Store sells good boxes, although the ones I’ve seen are still brown inside. I hated the brown, so I tried spray painting the inside – guess what? Cardboard soaks up spray paint like crazy. Don’t bother. I ended up covering the insides of the boxes with white paper and Scotch Super77 spray adhesive. What a beating.

Anyway, I wanted 15 “spots”, so I cut out the “front” of each box so it left 3 sides. I taped 5 boxes together vertically with packing tape, and then did that 2 more times for a total of 3 columns of 5 boxes each. THEN I taped the 3 columns together to make one large piece. After that, I wrapped it (another beating) with some cute wrapping paper I found at Target.

That’s the finished product. Now I have to find the energy to separate and organize all of my paper! So glad to have this beast finished – I spread it out over THREE WEEKS because I was so annoyed with it.

I would never, ever, ever do this again. I hope you take my word for it :)

Silhouette in your kitchen!


I can never, ever, EVER remember measurements. Even with my smartphone (dumb user), I still have to call my husband and ask him how many quarts are in a gallon, or whatever. I have a mental block against measurements, obviously. This would be so much nicer than my current ghetto fabulous 1980′s magnetic thing I keep on the fridge. Heck, maybe I’ll just silhouette it onto my fridge. Look at that, I just made a new verb. Silhouette.


Well, aren’t we fancy? I have dreams of doing this, but I’ve yet to put it into action. Hers look so good!


Yes, the Silhouette Cameo has a fabric paint feature. I’m so jealous. These are too cute!

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest


I live in a teeny tiny house, so the dog food lives in the kitchen too. We have a white can from IKEA that I love, but now I will love it even more.


So freakin’ easy. So freakin’ cute. So freakin’ necessary. I don’t know if you’ve seen my menu board*, but it is not cute like this one :)


I have a red Kitchenaid mixer that I love – I think she might be screaming out for polka dots…



Do not hate, I am merely keeping it real. And yes, this is REALLY on my fridge. Still.

Monday’s Minute Makeover: Under the Sink…

I even want the cabinet under the sink area to be clean, tidy, and really organized.

Imagine that. And, most of the time it isn’t. I can’t handle it.

Especially if it has a musty/mildew/damp odor – eww.

(Post contact paper removal. Yuck.)

Then head to the blue or orange store for peel-n-stick tile. They will run about $1 each.

It’s not my most favorite pattern in the world, but it doesn’t matter. Anything is better than what I started with!

Use a utility knife to make any cuts then recruit the free help kids to peel & stick!

For just a few bucks, you’ll have a layer of protection for the cabinet in case there ever a leak and it’ll look neat and tidy also.

Make it a GREAT week y’all!

Time Out Tuesday!

Organization is not something that comes easy to me.  I’m a “big, grand idea” girl.  Not so much a “down in the nitty gritty of the details girl”.  I have to WORK at it.  I make lists that are endless.  At any given time, I usually have 3 lists going: one for work, one for chores, errands & schedule (baseball practice, pick up the dry cleaning, go pay the water bill, PTA Meeting), and one for my “wish list” for my house.  This includes  stuff like change the light fixture on the front porch, plant the fall garden, and finish the projects I have started in my brain.

School starting was one of the best things that has happened to our house since…oh, last May.  I try to give the kiddos more freedom in the summer, but I love it when everyone has a set bedtime.  It makes for a much more peaceful environment in our house.

One of the other things that I absolutely SWEAR by: Take an hour or so for yourself to map out your week.  Talk your hubby into watching the kids, or get up an hour early or stay up an hour late.  I usually do this on Sunday afternoons.  At first, Chris was a little grumbly about watching the kids while “the game was on”, but once he realized what a positive impact it had on our week, I haven’t heard a peep from him!

What do I do during this time?

1)Look at the calendar.  Does Slugger have baseball?  Does Sassypants have ice skating? Is there a PTA meeting that night?  I map out all of the to/from school, lessons, and practice transportation with Chris’s schedule.  Knowing what the plan is helps to not feel so hectic during the week.  If he has to hustle home from work to get everyone from point A to point B, he knows that going in and is not on the receiving end of a frantic phone call.

2) Plan the menu for the week.  I was REALLY lax about this over the summer, and we spent WAY too much money eating out.   If you plan, even on the craziest days, you can have dinner on the table for your crew.  I feel like we are much more grounded when that happens.   You can look on pinterest or search online for other websites with meal plans.  Some like Once a Month Mom or Living Locurto are great resources for moms on the go!  You can choose gluten-free, low carb, reduced calorie, and traditional options from OAMM.  They will even compile your shopping list for you!!

3) Make a shopping list that has the specific ingredients for the menu items you have already selected.  This works so much better for me and my family than wandering through the store buying what’s on sale.  I used to be a ridiculous couponista.  I still watch the ads, but found that by using lots and lots of coupons, I ended up with a ton of junk that my family didn’t love, and it ended up being donated.  Space is at a premium in our house (I literally have 5 full sized cabinets in my kitchen) and the clutter made our home feel way too chaotic.   By making good (fresh) food, we still spend significantly less than eating out, and I don’t feel like the walls are closing in around me.

By knowing what the schedule is ahead of time, you can be on the lookout for the birthday present for the party your son is scheduled to attend on Saturday rather than running to Target after the baseball game, before the party to pick it up.

Take a mommy/wife timeout.  Go somewhere where the kiddies can’t find you.  Take a minute to create your road map for the week.  While you are at it, go get a pedicure!!

Go have coffee with a friend.  Go for a walk with no kiddos just breathing in the fresh air. Before you were a wife, a mom, a crazy chick running from here to there, you were a woman.  Go do something that makes you feel beautiful, something that helps you to recenter and recharge your batteries.  It’s amazing what a little slice of time devoted solely to you  will do for your psyche!  It’s not a crime to want to take care of yourself.  Once you’ve been able to do that, you will be surprised at how you are able to pour into your family!  It’s a great attitude adjustment.

There you have it, my friends!!

Monday’s Minute Makeover: Weekly Menu

I admit it…I’m a copycat.

My great friend Tonya made one for her large brood kitchen and I just loved it.

There’s just a slight difference.

She cooks every night… and I have good intentions.

Sooo….let’s not dwell on that any longer and just get on with it.

I got this frame at Wal-Mart for about $12. I was wanting black. Bad news for me: there was only one I could find, and it was brown. The cheap, faux wood kind. Eww.

My ‘hamster’ was on the wheel before I made it to the checkout line.

Being the Cheap Housewife that I am, I just used what I had-ASCP in Old Ochre and Scrabble letters from a yard sale.


“Mini-me” just painted right over the wood, found all the letters needed and I just assisted her highness.

We used resume paper behind the glass and a dry erase marker for writing. (oh, and I got the little pen holder in the office supply section at WM as well.) 

Now, if only I could get someone to cook these meals for me!

Happy Labor Day Y’all!

The Shabby Nest


Our Pinterest Party House

We are some spoiled bloggers. My aunt {although all the girls call her “Aunt Toni”} lives in a lakehouse south of where we all live – just far enough away that it feels like a mini vacation. She is pretty crafty herself, and fits right in with our sarcastic snarky crude drunk silly lovely crew. We all love her and {we think} she loves all of us back.

I kept telling her I was going to put her house on the blog, and I finally took a few pictures when we were there last weekend. Here are a few things she has made/collected over the last couple of years!


This is her mantel – looking perfect, as always. She switches it out with the seasons, or just because she wants to.

She just decided she wanted a giant “E” {her last initial} on the door of her built in media cabinet. Frosted contact paper and exacto knife to the rescue. I was trying to make it all difficult – looking through my 3,500 fonts {not even joking} for the perfect E. Yeah, she was already finished with it by that time.

This is one of the upstairs bathrooms. Instead of a boring old vanity, she is using an antique painted chest of drawers. It is the prettiest butter yellow color.

Yeah, I made that wreath. I originally put a snowflake in the center since it was for Christmas, but she put a daisy in it and look how cute it is all year round.

These are the fabric strip curtains in the yellow bathroom. She just decided to do this one day and it worked out, so there you go.

This is in the other bathroom upstairs. Isn’t that cute? None of her kids live there (they’re all grown up!) but they still have a basket in a bathroom.

I love this piece and want to marry it. DIBS, Aunt Toni. DIBS.

Aren’t these corbels awesome? She bought them at an antique/vintage store in Dallas – she can’t remember which one. We named off a few, and none were triggering anything – I guess we’ll just enjoy hers! These divide her living room and kitchen.

I hope you enjoyed the “Pinterest Tour” of my aunt’s home. We sure do love staying there for our Pinterest weekends!



Pinterest Top 5 {PT5~8.25.12}

I love me some Pinterest. Probably a little too much. But it has inspired me to become much more crafty (see here, here, and here) and try new recipes (see here, here, and here) to try. So every week I am going to start posting my top 5 favorite “Pins” from that week. Ones that I have tried/plan to try or things I just really love. I would love to see your faves as well! Link yours up in our comments!

Currently I am in back-to-school mode since my little boy is going into KINDERGARTEN. :( I am in a state of denial and cannot believe it is actually happening in 2 days. Pinterest has been a good distraction and has at least gotten me excited about all the cute school/organization stuff out there.


I want to get to know Logan’s teacher and be an active part of their classroom (not overdoing it, of course). As a former teacher, I know how nice it feels to be appreciated so I want to make sure and take care of her since she has such an important role in my child’s life.



I love this idea and how organized this mom is about school lunches. One thing I dread about Logan starting school is having to pack a lunch every day. He is not a very adventurous eater so I can see his lunches becoming quite boring. At least if we did this he would have a choice and may be more inclined to eat different things. I may be reorganizing my pantry soon…



I have wanted to make a book filled with Logan’s funny sayings/quotes since he could talk but never got around to it. Now, it’s been done for me! You just upload your pics and then the book has blank spots for you to write in things they say that you want to remember!



I have a little obsession with photo books. Logan has 18 Shutterfly books, I think. One for just about every 6 months of his life. I have never paid full price for one (most of them are even free) so I at least have that going for me. This app takes your kids artwork and uploads it to a site where you can make a book filled with their art (every year or whatever). I am not sure that there is an Android app, though, so that might be a problem.



Over the summer, Logan definitely became a little “attached” to technology. At home, he wanted to play Wii or watch TV/Netflix. In the car, he wanted to play on our phones. Constantly. I know this isn’t going to fly during the school year because he will have homework, games, practices, etc. so I need to implement something like this. I have even seen a simpler one where they use popsicle sticks, but couldn’t find it.


So, have you done any of my “pins”? Show me your faves, too! And don’t forget to follow me!

Ribbon, organize yourself!

I don’t see that happening. I need to get an Organize Fairy. Again, I don’t see that happening either.

My “Craft Room of Shame” is slowly coming together. Last night I started organizing ribbon. Heather’s FAVORITE part of my craft room.

The beginning

I bought the two iron media towers from my friend, Trisha. She started disassembling her craft room to make room for her new office space as she is preparing to go back to work. Jody and I made a trip to the Orange store and bought some dowel rods and used some black spray paint I already had in my possession (everything has to match in my world).

Jody almost fainted when he saw me walk into the living room with all of this. His eyes got even bigger when I started actually going through the ribbon to separate. The poor guy!

This is only half of it, sadly.

I never knew I had a problem. I’m addicted to ribbon, y’all. It’s sad. Every color imaginable, pattern, Christmas, Valentine’s, it goes on! I decided I wasn’t OCD enough to organize all the colors together. I just started with the same sized spools and went from there.

I should have taken a picture of all the “empty” spools. It was really pathetic. I guess I just grabbed enough and didn’t pay attention to the spool. Then I heard the word “hoarder” from behind me. Men.

“Gettin’ there”

Almost there. I was starting to get tired. It was after 11 p.m. And let’s face it, sitting on the floor, organizing ribbon while watching Blow Crap Up MythBusters isn’t the most exciting thing in the world. Alas, it needed to be done, badly.

Awesome! Now .. one more.

I had to do it in some different ways I wasn’t expecting to, but all in all I like it. It’s better than it being in a huge rubbermaid container. Don’t you think??

Do you have anything that you’re trying to organize?

Monday’s Minute Makeover: Organizing School Papers & Artwork

love organizing. No, I reeeally love it.

It’s unnatural.

Well, this Monday marks 2 weeks until school starts!

Here in Texas, anyway.

So, if you’re wanting a way to get all those papers/mementos/artwork  from the past school years organized,

here is how I did it (before & now).

Before, I just had a folder, labeled the outside and stuffed it full.

I keep the majority of the kids’ work throughout the year.

Then towards the end, we go through it, keeping their best or most memorable work.

I don’t keep all of it.

The problem with the folders is that some of the artwork wouldn’t fit well.

So after a search (which for me is 2-3 stores) I came across these:

Clear  large envelopes just like the manilla ones with the string closure.

Purchased at Office Max~ $7.99 for a 5 pack.

I then printed a cover sheet for the school year on scrapbook paper and put it in the front of the work on the inside.

Ahh, MUCH better.

This excites me!

I probably shouldn’t admit how long I spent admiring all the folders in all their organized glory.

So I won’t.

It was a while :)

Then they all go to live in a paper box. I prefer paper boxes most of the time. This is why:

1. They are small, compact, not bulky.

2. They have a lid.

3. Easily stored.

I used to be an elementary school teacher so I hoarded them.

I like boxes A LOT.

It’s one of the few things I can’t seem to throw out.

I took an extra clear envelope and put all of our summer vacation keepsakes in it. It worked great since some things are oversized.

Have a wonderful week, y’all, and get organized!