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Quick decor project

Y’all, I whipped up a quick decor project. I have a frame addiction. I always pick up an unwanted frame or 2 when I’m out thrifting. I found a good one at Goodwill. It retailed for $30 (the sticker was still on the back), but I scooped it up for $5.

I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this particular frame. I ran to HobLob one night and grabbed my last name initial. In case you live under a rock and haven’t been in HobLob (or even JoAnn Fabric), they have an aisle that has wood pieces. The letters come in different sizes and a few different fonts in MDF. I also stole used some burlap we had left from my best friend’s wedding.

The letter H

Ignore the Sharpies. I never ended up using them, but I had good intentions! I also painted the “H” in a completely different step. :)

Testing background First, can I point out my BEAUTIFUL wedding ring set? They’re so sparkly and distracting. In October, we will celebrate 10 years of wedded bliss and I still love my rings. Oh, and I guess the boy who gave them to me. Okay, back to the point of the picture. See the awful white background behind the burlap. It looks terrible and cheap. With a little thought (and a run to the craft room with my little 2 yo assistant), I found something to help take the terrible and cheap away! And yet, another leftover item from the BFF’s wedding - brown paper bag colored cardstock. Also, grabbed my hot glue gun. If you can’t do a project without a glue gun, then we just don’t need to do it.

Framed H

This may have been one of the quickest and easiest projects I’ve done in a while. I even had a small handicap with a 2 year old who thought she needed to help out. I think it took more time to tell her “no” to the glue gun then it did to put it all together. This project could be an easy Christmas gift or house warming gift. Since last name initials have become so trendy, it would be perfect for even a wedding gift.

Mantel H

The mantel will not be it’s permanent home, but it looks good there for the moment. I do love how all the textures work together in this simple little vignette. I’m pretty sure my mantel is my favorite place to decorate in my house. It comes so easy for me.



The whole group!  RCHOTX

Texas Blogger Pre-Haven Meetup

That’s a mouthful, huh?

A pretty good-sized group of Texas DIY bloggers (that are all going to Haven, with the exception of one) decided to get together before Haven Conference and hang out. I organized it (with some help from Tarah) and it was this past weekend! That is one of the reasons you haven’t heard much from me lately – I’ve been busy with that!

We went to Austin, TX (the best place in the world) for a full day of eating, drinking, and thrift shopping. I was completely exhausted both nights we were there, but it was so worth it to make new friends! (Making friends as an adult is hard. It really is.)

It was a success! Some of us had been to Haven before, and I hope we eased the fears of the first-timers. Going to your first conference can be very, very scary and I said several times that I wish there had been a “get to know you” weekend before we went to Haven last year. I think it was helpful for everyone this weekend, whether it was first conference jitters being calmed or just the experience of meeting strangers (that I now call friends).

Tarah and I weren’t supposed to go until early, EARLY Saturday morning, but she texted me on Thursday and asked if I could get the hotel room for Friday night as well. Well, duh, don’t twist my arm – I was already off on Friday, but I had to wait for a delivery for the goodie bags (they were awesome) so we left town as soon as that was dropped off.

hotel room view  RCHOTX

I used Priceline for our hotel room and could not have been more pleased! I told the other girls what I did, they did the same thing, and we all ended up getting a great deal at the same hotel! It worked out perfectly. The Renaissance Austin Hotel in the Arboretum was perfect. Everyone there was great, friendly, and went above and beyond for us. It was definitely the best experience I have ever had in a hotel, and the fact that we were there at a highly, highly discounted rate did not seem to matter to them. I hope I can stay there every time I visit Austin! (I may try and use Priceline for a hotel in Atlanta next month as well, and cross my fingers for a Renaissance!)

austin thrift shops  RCHOTX

Heather and fruit  RCHOTX

We bonded over barbecue, Mexican food (twice), margaritas (twice), and thrift store shopping – and we had a blast! Yes, it was extremely hot, and our drinks from Sonic were extremely flat, but we kept on going and got to know each other a little better. I can’t wait to see everyone again in one month!

County Line lunch  RCHOTX

ALSO – it was Jamie’s birthday! She joined us for lunch but had to leave after we ate so she could get ready for her birthday cookout. Happy birthday, Jamie!

Jamie's Birthday  RCHOTX

Okay, on to the stuff you really want to know about – who was there and what was in those goodie bags?

The whole group!  RCHOTX

Strangers that I now call friends:

Top row:

Lindsay from Makely School for Girls

Jamie from C.R.A.F.T. 


Jamie from Huckleberry Love

Middle row:

Cynthia (no blog YET!)


Sara from Major Hoff Takes A Wife

Tracey (no blog YET!)

Janis from All Things Beautiful

Front row:

Megan from Two Live Colorfully

Lydia from Huckleberry Love

Karla from Huckleberry Love

Two ladies joined us later – Amy and Jennifer (they came for dinner!)

Goodie Bag closeup  RCHOTX

Goodie bags  RCHOTX

Awesome companies that donated for the goodie bags and door prizes (I was amazed at how much we got!)

Doozie’s Corner (Cece Caldwell Paint and Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint)


Maison Blanche Paint Company (accidentally got left at Tarah’s house… we’ll smuggle it to Haven!)


Paper Coterie

Pick Your Plum



Tito’s Vodka


What I found was that most companies were very willing and happy to contribute! I was super impressed with the response I got from one simple email explaining what I was putting together.

It was so much fun to meet everyone, and Tarah and I are so glad we had the chance to do this with all of you!



DIY Cupcake stand

More wedding ideas, y’all!!

Lindsay picked out a plain ol’ cardboard stand that she was just going to buy. She didn’t want to make a big fuss about it, just get something that no one had to work on. Here’s the thing, it came with a price. That price — $36. THIRTY-SIX for CARDBOARD, y’all. Cardboard. Uh, no. Not for my friend. Not going to happen. I made a DIY cupcake stand!

Enter the Dollar Tree. Have I ever mentioned I love Dollar Tree?

Supplies for cupcake stand | RCHOTX Supplies:

  • round cake pan
  • pizza pan/round cookie sheet
  • 2 candlestick
  • super glue
  • cardstock/scrapbook paper
  • ribbon
  • mod podge
  • hot glue gun

Cupcake Stand | RCHOTX

I took the pizza pan and traced the cardstock on the inside ring. It wasn’t exactly perfect, but there were going to be cupcakes covering it. At that point, I didn’t let it bother me. I put some mod podge on the pan, then cardstock and finished it off with mod podged over for a topcoat. I did the same thing for the small round pan but turned it upside down.

Cupcake stands | RCHOTX


I obviously did more than one, 3 total actually. They were drying … all together on the floor.

Cupcake stand | RCHOTX


It was time to add the ribbon on the edging. I believe the ribbon is 1″ thick, and it was perfect. Burlap ribbon was tricky, as it tightened together. BUT I saved it and it looked fabulous.



Exhibit A on saving it!

Get your super glue out, take the stickers off the bottom of the candlesticks. I put the super glue around the top of the candlestick and set off to dry. Super glue is the ONLY glue that will work. Don’t bother with hot glue. It won’t work.


After the candlesticks dried, I decided to do a little extra by adding a burlap skirt. This wasn’t exact on the length, but I wasn’t going for a “perfect” look. It was a bit rustic and I think it turned out well.

IMG_0635 And sadly .. I apparently didn’t take a picture of them in action at the wedding. However, I got a picture of one of them when I recycled it for Savannah’s birthday.

Recycled cupcake stand | RCHOTX

Also … a Two-fer.  Paint like wood for wedding signs | RCHOTX


Letters for wedding signs | RCHOTX


Cute wedding signs | RCHOTX

My sweet boys carried these signs down the aisle. They definitely brought some comic relief after the bride and I were stressed out a little.  Wedding | RCHOTX



Barcelona Orange Nursery Dresser

Only a little over 9 weeks to go and I FINALLY got the nursery dresser painted!

Remember this:

nurserydresser My $30 Canton steal? It sat in our bedroom for WAY too long and I was finally motivated/energetic enough to get started on it. I knew it would be a longer process–I have learned this with Barcelona Orange. But if you can’t put a bright orange dresser in a young boys’ room (or craft room), where can you put one?

From our previous experience with this color of paint, I knew it was going to take several coats. For some reason, it just doesn’t cover as well. Now, I think I know the reason, thanks to the ladies at Maison Blanche! Apparently, some colors (usually darker ones, but not always) have a deep base (when you look at the paint cans in the big box stores, they will say deep/medium base, etc.) and that means it isn’t going to cover as well. The way to overcome that is NOT to use white primer, but rather a gray color as a base coat. Wish I had known that BEFORE I started painting this beast (5 coats later!). Oh well, lesson learned.

dresser 1st coat Do you see that? Not great coverage like I have come to know and love from my ASCP. But I persevered.

dresser side 1st coat

And 4 (or 5–I lost track) coats later, it was finally done to my liking. Well, pretty much. I like my furniture pieces more modern-looking and smooth, rather than chippy and distressed (at least for boys’ bedrooms), so other people may achieve that look quicker if that’s what they’re going for. I also did 2 coats of poly (no wax) since it was going to be in a high-use area and I didn’t want to have to worry about it or re-wax in anytime soon. Plus, I am 7 months pregnant and waxing is pretty labor intensive.

dresser final coat

I reused the same hardware (don’t love it, but hardware is expensive!) and just spray painted it chrome.

dresser complete I still can’t believe I have an orange dresser. I can’t wait to see it with the rest of the room all put together, which we are getting to soon! I will be working on some nursery crafts this weekend at our Pinterest Party, so I will post pics when they are done. But I will leave you with some sneak peeks/hints:

glider before If I can find some fabric I love (Heather might kill me by then), the plan is to recover this. Or attempt it, anyway.

quilt rack before Say bye-bye to the hearts and wood tone.

2013-04-15 13.39.12 Old decor will become new again!

whale And look at the cute whale my aunt found at HomeGoods! Love!!

There is more where this came from–can’t wait to get it all done and put together! And of course, show it off to all of you!

What do you think? Would you paint a dresser orange? What’s the boldest color you have painted a piece of furniture (or anything)?

Have a great week!!



GIVEAWAY! Growing Growing Gone Gift Certificate!

60f5d56b150e838f48e5a04ccfbff567 I’m sure you have all read/heard us talking about the Growing Growing Gone consignment sale that is coming up April 19-21, right? Well, that’s coming up REALLY soon. It kind of snuck up on us! This is the very first sale for GGG, and we are really excited that it is in Grapevine, Texas – so close to us! Karma, the owner/creator/founder of GGG, has generously offered a $100 gift certificate for the upcoming kids consignment sale to one of our readers! I don’t know if you guys have ever been to a kids consignment sale, but $100 is going to get you a LOT of stuff. A lot. Growing Growing Gone is an upscale semi-annual event where parents sell their gently used kids items and make up to 80% of their asking price.  We are open to the public and anyone can buy and sell!

  • Shop – Buy high quality brand name items at really low prices! Learn more
  • Sell – Consign and sell all of your kids’ items and make 70-80% of your sales! Details here
  • Save – Stay in your budget and save over 50-90% off retail!

Friday, April 19th: 2pm-8pm – Private Presale Party

Saturday April 20th: 9am-5pm – Family day filled with fun activities!

Sunday April 21st:  11am-2pm – Most items half price!

Volunteer and shop before the public at our Private Presale Party and earn G3 bucks! This twice yearly kids event happens in the Spring and Fall. Come and experience thousands of items and almost 10,000 sq. ft. of shopping bliss! Growing Growing Gone sells all things from toys to books, clothes, shoes, hats, and anything related to the kids in your life! Growing Growing Gone is giving away a great prize to one lucky winner.

Enter to win a $100 Gift Certificate to the sale! The gift certificate can be picked up at the front entry of the sale, April 19-21. Good luck! The giveaway begins Friday, 4/12/13 at 12:00am and ends Wednesday, 4/17/13 at 12:00am.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Goodwill Makeover – Before & After!

If you follow us on our Facebook page (um, you should be, because we talk about cool stuff on there), then you may have seen some “before” pictures of some lovely items I picked up at a local Goodwill a while ago. Are you ready for a cute, easy Goodwill Before & After?

3.99 Goodwill Find

3.99 Goodwill Find #2

So, I almost didn’t buy that second shelf. See that white spot there on the left? Yeah. That was a Tic Tac. Apparently it exploded at some point and I don’t even want to know about what happened – I will just say that I took a screwdriver to it and knocked the Tic Tac off. Yeah, the Tic Tac was STILL on the shelf. I have an extremely weak stomach and just didn’t know if I could handle dealing with someone else’s breath mint gone astray. I powered through it and decided to just cover that nastiness up instead. (Can I say Tic Tac ANY MORE? Tic Tac. Yes.)

A little spray paint, a little Mod Podge, a little bit of washi tape, and some scrapbook paper – and here’s what I ended up with! I love them now, and they were so worth the gagging. The one with the drawers will hold all of my glitter (yes, I have a lot of it), and the shelves will hold my craft paint (yes, I have a lot of that too – I was just making sure *after the fact, of course* that they fit on the shelves for the picture!).

Goodwill Makeover After - RCHOTX


Have you ever “redone” something you purchased at a thrift shop? I LOVE doing that – it just takes me a few months to get around to it sometimes!

Y’all have a great weekend!


ANOTHER Faux Zinc Coffee Table

After testing out the process (using this tutorial) on my $20 Craigslist coffee table (that I later sold for $90), I knew that was what I wanted to do with my $65 Craigslist coffee table. I just knew that it was going to take A LOT longer due to the 8 drawers and extra details that the other did not have. I put it off and put it off until finally I got some motivation (in the form of my sister who was coming over to work on her coffee table).

This is my coffee table BEFORE:

before 008 Quite the beauty, no? Well, maybe not in this form. She was scratched up and a little worse for wear, but SOLID (aka heavy beast) and had nice details on the corners. And lots of storage (which my son promptly took advantage of with his coloring books and games).

Using my trusty Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Graphite, I got started and had the first coat done relatively quickly. Heather was painting her coffee table at the same time with homemade chalk paint (post to come later about that) and her first coat took way longer than mine and her coffee table was nowhere near as detailed/large as mine. The ASCP just covers so well and goes so far–it is worth the money in my opinion (especially now that I have seen the comparison firsthand). I didn’t even sand or repair any of the scratches, I figured that would add character and a more “metal” look to it once it was done (plus I was lazy).

After 2 coats:

1st coat zinc coffee table Once dried, I sanded down the entire table using a 200 grit sanding block. I tried sandpaper, thinking it would be better for the crevices and details, but I liked the sanding block so much better–much quicker and more comfortable to work with. It has a totally different look after sanding.

coffee table sanded sanded drawers After sanding it was time for the wax. Heather and I decided we wanted to try Briwax, as we had heard it was a good substitute for the ASCP clear wax. I had been using Minwax Finishing Paste and it was easy enough but definitely took more elbow grease than the soft-as-butter ASCP wax. I have to say, the Briwax was a *bit* softer but had quite a strong odor. I had to open doors to allow for plenty of ventilation, which I usually never have to do. And I may have started waxing too soon, but the Briwax also seemed to take off some of the paint as I rubbed it on. Again, that could have been my fault for being in a hurry, but it was something I noticed. I still used the ASCP round brush for the wax (LOVE) and an old t-shirt to wipe off excess.

After the first coat of wax was dry, it was time to start on the faux-zinc part by adding silver metallic craft paint (any will do–Heather happened to have some in her stash so I just used what she had; I think it was 2 different silvers too) to the wax. It seemed to take more craft paint to achieve the look than it did with the last table, but it could have been because I couldn’t get it to blend with the wax very well. I may be splurging on ASCP Clear Wax for my next project–I have been spoiled by her Dark Wax already.

Drawers and top of table AFTER:

Top drawer has just been waxed, bottom drawer has been waxed with the silver craft paint added. You can see the depth the craft paint gives it in this picture.

drawers after silver paint 2013-02-11 15.22.01 After doing a final coat of wax (this is a much-used coffee table, after all) and letting that dry, I buffed the entire thing (using a good amount of muscle/force) to get a nice smooth finish and shine. I love the buffing pad I got from the ASCP stockist. It is just a microfiber pad (for only $1.50) but it is wonderful.

It took me a while to find knobs to replace the original worn-out wooden ones because I didn’t want to spend more on knobs than I did on the entire table. I saw some beautiful ones at Hobby Lobby, but even $3.00 a piece was more than I wanted to pay. I decided to go with some cheap, black $0.97 ones from Lowe’s. It ties it back into my black entertainment center and work just fine. They even had a little detail to them.

zinc table knobs close And I was done! Since it is a table that we use (and couldn’t NOT have in our living room), I kept it covered with a sheet for a couple weeks to make sure it could properly seal without getting scratched up by my son with a race car or something.

Zinc coffee table1 Zinc coffee table2 Zinc coffee table4 So, just for fun, let’s see a before and after. I always love those!


Zinc coffee table after

I love it! Now, if I can get rid of my couches and rug and get that charcoal grey sectional I so desire, then it would look even better, but that will have to wait.

This was definitely labor-intensive but still didn’t take very long in the overall scheme of things. I could have knocked it out in a couple days if I tried really hard. Definitely worth it when you see the results though–my cell phone pics don’t quite do it justice.

Next up, a Barcelona Orange dresser for the nursery! Yikes!

Have you tried this technique? What do you think of it? What has been your favorite piece you have painted (any technique)?

Today's Creative Blog

I’ve linked up to Miss Mustard Seed’s Furniture Feature Friday!



Value Village lamp makeover

While we were in Atlanta for the Haven Conference we made a quick trip to Value Village. I’ll stop right here to explain Value Village. This was our maiden voyage as a group into our thrifting ways. We learned about Value Village from Mr. Goodwill Hunting. He was all about VV and gave us the most awesome tips on finding great things. We actually just stumbled upon this location when we were leaving Greenwood’s after eating dinner. While it was a FUN time, it was most definitely not the safest location we probably could have found. Good thing Brittany bought some weapons … I mean, golf clubs to use in case we needed them.

In the store we divided and conquered. Brittaney bought the most obscure things — golf clubs, lamps, etc. AND she flew back to Texas with all these things. Yes, yes she did. I was impressed.

Now .. the lamps. Those lamps and their lampshade. I think there was a second one.

Value Village finds beautiful lamp shade

Brittaney made a quick trip to HomeFabrics &Rugs, you know, the store that Heather’s husband works at. Apparently she just makes herself at home, she’s ballsy like that. Everyone should try to be like her for a day.

While Brittaney was making herself at home, she found this beautiful French fabric. At first we thought they were made from burlap sacks that she had found in Canton. Nope. I love the way they turned out. Super cute!

BAM! supercute

Like this makeover? Check out Heather’s recent living room addition of her media console or Brittaney’s laundry room makeover.

brittaneysig tarahsig

Craigslist Media Console!

media console finished

So, we bought a new TV. We bought it a lot sooner than I planned on buying one. Why? It was a great deal and we didn’t want to miss out.

The problem? Our current TV (at the time) was a stand-alone beast and I had nothing to put the new (skinny, beautiful) TV on, furniture-wise. I didn’t want another IKEA/Target ready-to-assemble piece of fiberboard, I wanted real furniture, and I had the perfect piece in my head.

Big Sur 3 Piece Media Cabinet

Yep. My head has expensive taste ($2875!!!). I had to take it down a notch, since we just dropped big bucks on the TV. I took it to Craigslist. Five minutes later, I found something I liked. It was $169 on Craigslist, but it was at a local antique mall. Of course I forced Whitney to go look at it with me, armed with measuring tape and a plan! It had the coolest looking top two drawers – of course, the ones I was about to remove. I did save them because they have a lattice design, and I might want to use this as a real chest of drawers someday.

poppin tags


Turns out it was the perfect size! It was also $20 cheaper than it was on Craigslist (yay for sales). PS: This is who I bought it from – Vintage Shoppe Girl. They’ve got good stuff if you’re local! Since I don’t have a truck (I really should have a truck), I had them hold it and convinced my brother to “help” me pick it up the next morning. What a good brother I have.

They agreed to sell it to me for $130, which was awesome, so I made it mine. It sat in my living room for a week while I stared at it, panicked, and tried to figure out the easiest way to convert a chest of drawers to a media console. Finally, at about 7:00 pm one night, I figured it out and left my husband at home to make dinner while I went to Home Depot to pick up a few things. Ha!


Those “few things” were 1/2″ MDF cut to size, a hole saw bit set, oh, and a Ryobi Super Combo Kit. Yeah. I only needed a drill (my hand-me-down drill bit the dust), but for only $50 more I could get a reciprocating saw, a circular saw, and a big old flashlight thing. It all came with a huge bag to store it in, 2 batteries, and a charger. So awesome. The lady that checked me out was asking about it, so I told her about Haven Conference/Ryobi/DIY stuff – people are always so shocked that a *girl* can use power tools, it amazes me every time!

I guess you could say that once I get motivated to do something, I don’t mess around. I got home, plugged the charger in, and let the battery charge while we ate dinner. Once that was finished, I realized that one of the shelves I had cut would not fit because a notch needed to be taken out of it. I KNEW I bought the combo kit for a reason!

what a mess

Yes, folks, I used a reciprocating saw in my living room. Sure did. I wasn’t even scared (it was my first time). It was awesome.


Then it was time to use the saw hole bit – 2 1/2″, to pull all of the cords through the back. That was a little bit scary, at least the first one. I wasn’t too sure of myself so it was a little choppy, but the second one was like buttah.

no more top drawers

almost finished

spray painting shelves

We nailed the back of the chest back on, painted the shelves black (spray paint because I’m cheap and impatient like that), and plugged stuff in. It is perfect! I ordered a table runner to go on the top (uh, in a color much like Gilded Pesto, of course) to finish it off. It’s not here yet, but I will update when it is!

Now, what else can I go saw and/or drill?

media console finished


Linked up at Shabby Creek Cottage Transformation Thursday!




Follow Friday – All Things Thrifty

There’s so many blogs that we could suggest you check out or follow, so it was hard for me to narrow it down earlier this week when I put this on my “blog to do”. I started making a list of that I wanted to share. Then something happened yesterday in my Facebook feed. There was this AMAZING pink refinished piece of furniture. I didn’t look at the poster, just went to read it because this furniture was just too amazing to really care who posted it. Once I was able to gather my thoughts I looked up to see who redid this good find. Lo and behold it was Brooke from All Things Thrifty. header new copy1

Meet Brooke

Brooke pic vintage copy

Brooke has some awesome 101 tutorials to help you glaze/paint/reupholster furniture. She also has some great projects that are just jaw-dropping. Some make me want to do some myself or better yet, just take my stuff to her and have her do it for me.

Double wing back chair

Baby Boy nursery

and …

Duct tape purses - and this is the post that makes me think she can do anything and everything.

Y’all check her out. Seriously, she’s fantastic!


Monday’s Minute Makeover

Hi y’all. You missed me, didn’t you?? :)

Last week flew by for some reason. My only excuse.

I have this week’s minute makeover. Remember that little post back 2 Fridays ago. You know the one where I took my husband on a thrift shop date for the Young House LoveUnofficial Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge“, and I scored that awesome set of 3 little white ceramic deer.

3 deer

Hi 80s taffeta ascots!

I know you’re all thinking “why in the world would she get rid of those awesome ascots they’re wearing?” Well, let me tell you why. What you can’t see about these “lovely” ribbons is the jingle bell hiding in there somewhere. And also, I’m not really a red person, or a deer dressed with an ascot kind of person either. Its probably just me though. I’m sure y’all love it. Too bad they’re mine. :P

3 deer no bow Naked and ready for their makeover. 

bare back

“Oh no! She forgot to paint my good side!”

THIS is the spray paint I should have used on my silver Christmas yard balls. It goes on nice and smooth, and all over my hand. I’ve just decided I’m a messy painter. Its beginning to be embarrassing.
3 silver deer

ANNNNNND they’re done. 

They’re super cute and less creepy in silver than in white. I wonder if my husband would notice if I just left them year round. Hmmmm.

Time for this makeover : 20 minutes at most. That includes de-ribboning, tagging the sticker tags and washing the residue from the tags off.


 A “police” body outline. I humor myself if you can’t tell.

We’re all getting very good at thrift shopping or Craigslisting, like I did this weekend. I got some awesome gold (or brass) lamps, a big a$$ mirror and some Corningware. One cannot have too much Corningware.

Anyone get anything good this weekend?? I know Heather was “poppin’ tags” on a fabulous find for her house.


Young House Love Unofficial Macklemore “Thrift Shop” Challenge

Macklemore-Challenge I go to the gym 4-5 times a week and I’m a huge fan of music – good and bad. Heather sent me the name of a few songs I needed to add to my playlist. Enter Macklemore and Thrift Shop. Everyone has been talking about it, even Sherry at Young House Love. Last week she introduced her “Unofficial Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge”. Uh, yeah, I’m all over that! I have a thing for white rappers …Vanilla Ice and Eminem, hi. I was planning on getting it done last weekend, then the stomach bug happened. We had date night this week, it was my turn to plan it. Guess what we did? Uh yeah, we did. Macklemore Thrift Shop Date Night. How’s that Sherry? ;)


I just told him what we were going to do, then I forced him to listen to the song.

My sweet husband. He was clueless when I told him about the song. He only listens to Red Dirt country music. And honestly, 10 years ago, he didn’t know Eminem was white. Yeah, I’m not lying.

And the song began.

We arrived at a big Goodwill Super Store. First thing, why do thrift stores have such bad lighting? It’s just plain awful. I whipped out my $20 and kept it in my pocket.


and in we go! We started out pretty serious. Scoped out the selection, deciding what I wanted to really purchase for serious. Then the fun began.


Seriously?! The one thing I didn’t really think we’d find – a TELESCOPE. There were also slippers. They were boring and not worthy of a picture. No fringe to be found and not even a BIG ASS COAT. We are in Texas after all. Look what else I found!


I’m amazed by the amount of velour/crushed velvet/faux suede and more velour. It’s unREAL how much of this stuff exists. UNreal. I’d say what town these were found in, but I wouldn’t want to offend. No one can really pull this off, maybe your grandma, aunts, or your momma might try though.


I even found a COLD ASS HONKEY!

weddingdress menswearhouse humptydumpty mensjeans Jody actually tried on jeans, just not these. He totally could have squeezed his ass into these though. I should have pushed it! These are effin’ AWESOME. or not.


Jody snapped this picture. The things you do to help your wife. And just an FYI, he said there was a whole stack of them on the shelf. You can find just about anything at a thrift shop. No joke. Crutches were also a popular item.

Awesome This picture is what I get for not standing still, playing around and thinking that he wasn’t taking the picture.

myspoils I went back around the store for a second time to spend my $20. This whole past December I searched for a deer to paint silver. This little set of 3 was calling my name! I fell in love with them. The candlestick was just too good to pass up.

PS: Here are a couple of links to old thrifting posts – long before the best song ever came out! Thrifting All Over Texas and Thrift Shopping – Hill Country Edition. Enjoy!


big finished coffee table

I Spy with my little eye…

Somewhere in the late 90′s/Early 2000′s as I was making the transition from “college furniture” to “for-real furniture”, someone told me that a monochromatic color scheme lent an air of sophistication.  BOY, did I listen!

Our first house had lovely mocha walls with a taupe couch and chair (in a microsuede fabric that no one should consider if they are even entertaining the notion of children) and furniture that required an allen wrench for assembly. Fast forward 12 years, and sadly, our house was stuck in the same color scheme, only we had graduated to a chocolate leather sofa and love seat.  I’m the girl that likes to try new things, but I have no idea where to begin. Brittaney?  Not so much.  I told her that I was tired of my home looking like it wasn’t put together.  Brittaney has an insane ability to pull together a room with knick knacks she found from every corner of the globe. Without her help, I’m afraid the older, more refined, less thrifty version of myself would have delighted greatly in this room:

I gave Brittaney carte blanche to make whatever suggestions she might in our living room.  We were off to the races, and she had completely re-configured my living room with (GASP!) the furniture floating in the center of the room.  Then, she suggested a pop of color. I needed a rug to anchor the space and a coffee table.   I found a fun/funky rug at the Home Fabrics and Rugs, and I LOVE it.  All my favorite colors were brought together without looking like a train wreck.  This was a bold choice for me!

Next up on our shopping excursion was Goodwill.  Who would have known I longed for the days when I bought things at the furniture store, only to figure out I could really put my stamp on the place by finding “treasures” (that likely require a fair amount of elbow grease) at thrift shops?  This little gem was hiding in plain sight, and was mine for the bargain price of $5!! The guys at Goodwill broke the glass table top.  That’s fine, I wasn’t going to use it anyway!

Coffee Table with Missing Glass

Then I had luaun (loo-on) cut to fit the top of the coffee table.  Using a staple gun, I attached it to the frame of the table and caulked the seams.  One of the things I love most about this coffee table are the feet!

coffee table luan foot detail




Now for the pop of color I need….My absolute favorite color in the world right now is the turquoise blue in the rug.  Valspar has a fabulous color that matches it completely called Jackson Glen.

After One Coat of Paint

**A word about the paint selection…  I love all of the specialty paints we have used on other projects (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, CeCe Caldwell, Miss Mustard Seed, etc.) but for cost, durability, and a plethora of color options, I chose Valspar HD in a Semi-Gloss finish.  We use our living room all day every day, and this table will be used for snacks, homework, coffee, and much more.  I wanted something durable that I would be able to touch up quickly if necessary without additional finishing steps.  I did poly the top for added durability.   Without further adieu, this is the finished project!  I love it!

big finished coffee table



Love that Gilded Pesto!

Who picks the color names for paint companies? Because seriously – Gilded Pesto? Good thing it is a pretty color, because the name is just plain dumb.


Brittaney texted me a picture of 2 chairs she found at a garage sale. $10 each. They were her mother-in-law’s chairs and crazy Betty was getting rid of them! (She’s gonna be really sad when she sees this post – sad and JEALOUS.) So duh, of course I want them.

Brittaney was “holding” them at her house, and Brittaney is not one to procrastinate – so I had to pick paint and fabric in a hurry once she mentioned working on the chairs. My husband works at a fabric store, so I asked him to text me pictures of gray-ish fabrics with a little bit of design/color. Poor thing sent me about 15 pictures, but none of them were doing it for me. God forbid I go in and look myself, right? Well, Brittaney happened to walk in at just the right moment, told me she found my fabric, and sent me a picture. That was it, I loved it, and I bought the rest of the bolt 2 days later (only about 5 yards, but still). I do not have any idea who designed or manufactured the fabric, but I could probably do some research and find out if you want to know.

Since green is my favorite color right now, of course I decided to paint the chairs green with a high gloss paint. I will just say that the dudes at Lowe’s were less than helpful, which was disappointing. We had some simple requests and they treated us like we were idiots, but we know we’re not and that’s all that matters, right? I finally got my precious paint, Brittaney got hers, and we were outta there!

I have learned to always, always, ALWAYS take a picture of the paint label just in case!

The most exciting part about this project is that I got to use a paint sprayer for the first time! I’ve been spoiled and I just really don’t care if I never pick up a paintbrush again. Okay, not really, but for furniture – if you can, spraying is the way to go.

I primed the chairs first, even though I purchased paint that supposedly had primer in it. I just wanted to make sure it covered well, and sanding is for suckas. (I will only use Zinsser 1-2-3 Primer. It’s awesome.)

Jack had to get in on the spraying action too. What a big helper!

While the paint was drying, we got to work on the seat cushions. Did you know that an electric knife is a great way to cut through foam? My husband actually told me that when I told him we were working on the chairs! He’s good for something every once in a while. I purchased 1-inch thick high-density foam for the seat pads (the old ones were just busted). It worked out perfect. Don’t hate on the 1973 avocado green electric knife. You work with what you’ve got, people.

We used some spray adhesive to secure the foam cushions to the wooden seat base (the bases were in good shape – someone had redone them previously – so we kept that part). After that, we whipped out the staple gun (dang, I love that thing) and covered the cushions!

THEN, as if that wasn’t enough, Brittaney whipped out some pillowcases to use for some 12×16 pillows I bought to set against the back of the chair. She used a velvety fabric that matched perfectly – a pretty gray/purple/taupe color. She made me buy that fabric too. We have very similar taste, thank heavens! (I’ll let her do the tutorial on the easy pillowcases she has become so fond of).

After that, I screwed the seat cushions into the chairs, and that was it! Of course, this took about 2 days total (had to let the paint dry thoroughly before I put them in my car to take them home) but that’s not too shabby.

This has to be one of my very favorite makeover projects I’ve ever done. Thank you, Brittaney, for all of your help! I’m glad I have you here to push me out of my comfort zone.

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Coming Soon

I promise I am still around. I work at a preschool 4 days/week and it has started back up and that has just taken over a lot of the free time I had over the summer. Believe me, I am antsy to get back to painting some furniture and doing some crafts (like this one). And I am sure my husband would appreciate me getting to painting since I have recently acquired 3 new (to me) pieces that are slowly taking over parts of my house. Yep, 3. I have a problem, remember?

So here’s what will be coming soon:

Last Sunday I told a friend I work with at church that I would be hitting up some Goodwills later that day. She told me to keep an eye out for a nightstand/side table for her son. The first Goodwill we walked into, I spotted this one. It is a taller table and it has a shelf in that open part, it just needs new brackets to hold it up. And it’s HEAVY. Price? $9.99! I snatched it up before I even heard back from her (I had texted her a picture) knowing that even if she didn’t want it, I would do something with it. The plan is to use Napoleonic Blue (i still have plenty left from my dresser) and maybe mix a bit of Graphite in to darken it a little (which means I definitely get to buy some this weekend!!).


This little beauty came about on Craigslist and I immediately coveted it. It is an antique washstand (supposedly. I never know with those things and didn’t see a stamp anywhere, but I don’t really care. It’s still pretty.) and very solid. For $50! I originally pictured it for my front hallway (pictured above) but it sticks out a little further than I like and is a little short for the wall. It will probably end up being a side table in my living room. And while it is definitely pretty like it is, I know I will end up doing something to it. I just can’t decide what. Paint or stain? Or stain the top (I want darker/less red) and paint the bottom? I need your thoughts.


And then there’s this coffee table. I just picked it up today (off a Facebook buy/sell/trade group in my area–seriously check your Facebook/area and see if there is one set up. I belong to 4 different groups in the area–here’s a group name for example: Trophy Club For Sale/Free/Needed). She was only asking $30 to begin with and I picked it up for $20. It is a solid, large coffee table in great condition and I plan to redo it in a Zinc-type finish. I can’t wait to get started on it! ***Update–see finished project here!***


So there’s my plans for the coming weeks. You will, of course, be kept up to date on the progress with plenty of pictures, I am sure.

What have been your thrifty finds this week? Do you have a thrifting addiction? If so, what do you gravitate toward? Furniture like me or something else?

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