Faux Zinc Coffee Table

Remember this coffee table I bought last week (in my furniture buying frenzy)?

This was how it looked in the ad when I stole bought it for $20. Not bad, very solid, just outdated light oak. I bought Annie Sloan Graphite Friday night (finally!) and I knew I wanted to try a faux zinc finish on it (after seeing this tutorial) before attempting it on my own coffee table (another CL purchase):

Of course, my coffee table has more drawers & more details, so it will definitely take more time, but I was able to complete the $20 coffee table in one day and I didn’t even get started until after lunch. And I am so happy with the results!

So, here’s the coffee table before. In my living room, on bricks, 2 fans blowing on me, HGTV on in the background. My Heaven.

I got the first coat on quickly, maybe 30 minutes. I love how the Annie Sloan paint dries SO fast. By the time you are done with the first coat, you can start on the 2nd coat.

After the 2nd coat, following Amy’s tutorial, I gently sanded down the whole piece. All I had was a 220 grit sanding block, which worked fine on the big surfaces, but was more difficult around the rounded legs and details. Next time, I will make sure to have actual sandpaper.

The paint looked SO different after I sanded. I started getting excited. I did one coat of wax (by the way, I still don’t have the Annie Sloan Clear Wax. I am still working out of my tub of Minwax Finishing Paste–it worked fine) and then came the time to add the metallic craft paint. Here goes nothing. I had to remind myself this was my practice piece. I did make the mistake of wiping the wax off after applying it (as I have become trained to do) but then I realized I was just wiping all the metallic off. So, use very little wax and, depending on how shimmery/light you want it, more metallic paint. Just use enough wax to make the craft paint blendable. And don’t wipe it off unless you feel like you used too much wax or metallic paint. This is a very forgiving technique, so you really can’t mess up. Every piece will look different.

AHH!! I LOVE IT! My husband pointed out that you can see brush strokes and the color varies all over the piece, but I had to remind him it was supposed to look like that. It is supposed to resemble a metal piece. And it does! I did it. And I absolutely love it.

I also found some cute dark gray/black chevron scrapbook paper to line the drawer with. This is where I had the most trouble. It probably took me longer to line the drawer than it did to paint the piece. I am just that OCD. A little mod-podge and you get a little surprise when you open the drawer.

So it took about 6 hours, start to finish, with several breaks in there as well to finish the piece. I still need to do a little buffing and maybe another coat of clear wax to give it a little more protection (since it is a coffee table) but here it is!

I love that it is a finish you don’t see all the time. I love that I was actually able to pull it off. I did convince myself that I do, in fact, want to do this treatment to my coffee table but it is going to take A LOT longer, so I have to prep myself for that.

So what do you think? Do you think you will try this finish? Have you tried another faux finish technique that you liked (or didn’t–we need to know these things, too)?

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