Follow Friday {3}: Pintester

Okay, if you love Pinterest (who doesn’t?) then you should be reading this blog. This blog is all about keeping it real. Those people who do everything that they see on Pinterest perfectly? Lies. All lies. This is one of those blogs that will make you laugh – because it could very easily be YOU writing it. Disclaimer: (as if you can’t see this from her blog button below) Potty mouth ahead. If you are too delicate to read such filthy words, then you’re gonna need to skip this one.

A few of my favorite posts:

The Side Chig-NO

No-Sew Pillow Cover

The Miracle Mask

Follow her. She will make you laugh, and make you smile. No one is perfect, and if they say they are – remember: LIES.

2 thoughts on “Follow Friday {3}: Pintester

  1. Virginia

    Thank you for recommending this. I’ve had tears coming down since I started reading it. You have to read the cheese ball post


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