Monday’s Minute Makeover: Organizing School Papers & Artwork

love organizing. No, I reeeally love it.

It’s unnatural.

Well, this Monday marks 2 weeks until school starts!

Here in Texas, anyway.

So, if you’re wanting a way to get all those papers/mementos/artwork  from the past school years organized,

here is how I did it (before & now).

Before, I just had a folder, labeled the outside and stuffed it full.

I keep the majority of the kids’ work throughout the year.

Then towards the end, we go through it, keeping their best or most memorable work.

I don’t keep all of it.

The problem with the folders is that some of the artwork wouldn’t fit well.

So after a search (which for me is 2-3 stores) I came across these:

Clear  large envelopes just like the manilla ones with the string closure.

Purchased at Office Max~ $7.99 for a 5 pack.

I then printed a cover sheet for the school year on scrapbook paper and put it in the front of the work on the inside.

Ahh, MUCH better.

This excites me!

I probably shouldn’t admit how long I spent admiring all the folders in all their organized glory.

So I won’t.

It was a while :)

Then they all go to live in a paper box. I prefer paper boxes most of the time. This is why:

1. They are small, compact, not bulky.

2. They have a lid.

3. Easily stored.

I used to be an elementary school teacher so I hoarded them.

I like boxes A LOT.

It’s one of the few things I can’t seem to throw out.

I took an extra clear envelope and put all of our summer vacation keepsakes in it. It worked great since some things are oversized.

Have a wonderful week, y’all, and get organized!



4 thoughts on “Monday’s Minute Makeover: Organizing School Papers & Artwork

    1. Brittaney Post author

      Thanks! I would like to add that I do display the kid’s work throughout the year (on the fridge, in the playroom, their rooms). My 5yo would get really excited about something he made and would ask me to hang it up. He looked at his “wall of work” daily. I’m so glad you found it helpful!

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