Our Home Depot Adventure

Home Depot puts on several workshops every month – for anyone, for kids, and one especially for women. This month, the workshop is being run by two bloggers who just happen to live very close to us Cheap Housewives, so of COURSE we had to go support them! I think I briefly talked to one of the girls at Haven last year, and had no idea that they live, oh, 10 minutes from my house? Crazy!

The project for this month is a tiled frame mirror. When we got to Home Depot (finally! It took us an hour to get there!), they greeted everyone at the door and directed us straight to the workshop. I figured it would be much more crowded – I was pleasantly surprised! They had each of us register (name and email address), gave us a CUTE reusable bag and a door prize ticket, and told us to help ourselves to snacks and drinks. I think they had 3 cakes! (I was saving myself for dinner, so I just grabbed a water).

The employees were very friendly and talkative, which was nice to see. They introduced themselves to everyone, and then introduced Whitney and Ashley from Shanty 2 Chic. I think there were a few people there who had come just to meet them, but I got the feeling that the overwhelming majority were just there for the project. The girls talked for a few minutes, and then one of the Home Depot employees took over to do the actual project.

I thought the project looked easy and made a huge difference (tiling the border of a plain mirror) with a small amount of money and time. My attention, however, was mainly focused on the very excited woman in front of us. I decided that she would be GREAT as an audience member or a host for an infomercial, and I was afraid that she was going to break her neck from all of the nodding she did! She was very much into the whole presentation, and I really think she was learning some groundbreaking stuff. It gave us a few giggles for the 45 minute tutorial…



After the presentation, they had stations set up to try making mirrors. Now, I will admit, I was under the impression that it was more of a make-and-take thing, but it wasn’t. That is just fine, because I have nowhere to put a mirror anyway! I was prepared to get all dirty and grout-y.

We checked out a few stations, Sars got her hands a little grout-y, I picked up some stuff for a project, and we were headed out the door. I decided to introduce myself to Ashley & Whitney, and I’m glad I did. They were so sweet, and went to the same high school as Sars! We talked with them, they got a picture with us (I will add it when I get it from them), and we told them we would see them at Haven this summer – if not before, since we frequent the same Home Depot and Lowe’s that they do. Ha!

Then we went to Chuy’s, ate my favorite meal in the whole world, talked for a long time, and made the long drive home. It was good times, and there are a couple more DIH workshops I would like to go to – but at a Home Depot closer to my house :)


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