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What I’m really doing here is procrastinating organizing my craft room. It is just overwhelming – so why not do a blog post about our Pinterest Party crafts, right?

Ah, the project that we had such high hopes for. This is a very modified version of the original that we attempted to replicate. Moral of the story? Don’t use ink stain on photo paper. It just doesn’t work. It is a really, really cute picture even though we finally gave up (after wasting 2 prints) and used spray adhesive to stick it to a 16×20 piece of plywood (not the bendy kind). It’s cute just the way it is, but it would be cuter if I had the patience to do it the original way. Oh well. 16×20 prints are $5.99 at Costco, so it’s not like we’re breaking the bank here.

Sorry for the blurry picture! Sars saw a Target ad in a magazine while she was lounging on the couch, and showed it to us. Apparently, there will be a chalkboard that looks eerily similar to this one coming out soon at your local Target! My aunt fell in love and wanted one for her daughter. We took one of the many pieces of plywood (best $10 spent the whole weekend – one sheet made a TON of different size plaques/boards, AND the dude at Lowe’s didn’t even charge us for the cuts – and there were a lot of them) and sprayed chalkboard paint on it. While that was drying (takes about 1 minute!), I cut out letters on the Silhouette in different fonts. I also found a cool design in their online shop that I cut for the corner (the Target one does not have that!). It took forever to cut, but it was perfect for it. We mod-podged the letters onto the board and that was it. It’s too cute.

I buy these frames from Michaels in bulk. As in, 10-15 at a time. They make quick, easy gifts and they are only $1. Yes, $1. They are in the unfinished wood section, and occasionally they will put them on sale 3/$2. Katy bar the door when that happens. Whitney put this together in about 10 minutes (including cutting time on the Silhouette). Quit looking at the Mod Podge, it’s not dry yet. It dried clear and it looks perfect.

You’ve seen this bad boy before. Whitney brought it out to Pinterest Party so we could put the finishing touches on it. It took us a couple of tries to get the font right, but once that was done, it was easy. Mod Podge to the rescue. It looks great!

You’ve also seen this before. All we had to do to it this time was add a dinosaur (or a “longnecky” as Logan calls this particular type) – five minutes + Mod Podge. Done.

Sars, the self-proclaimed NOT CRAFTY one of the bunch, showed up to Pinterest Party ready to sleep and do some stuff for work. Seriously, she planned on working. That’s cool, sometimes you just need to get away and do your own thang – but she didn’t. She crafted. And she crafted WELL. She made this sign for her group at work, obviously named “Utopia”. She did a great job! Plywood + Silhouette cutouts + Mod Podge. It turned out perfect.

This is what happens when you craft and drink. Obviously, I’m not going to put “FART” on my craft room wall – it really spells CRAFT, but fart is a much funnier word. These were just chipboard letters from Hobby Lobby painted with 3 coats of craft paint. That’s it. The letters were $1 each, so why not, right?

These little stepstools from IKEA are the coolest gift ever for kids. I’ve given several of them away, and up until these two, all of the letters were cut BY HAND. You know how much that sucks? It sucks a lot. Thankfully, I have a Silhouette now (am I pimping them out enough in this post? Between the Silhouette and Mod Podge, I should be making a commission) and it is much, much easier to whip these out quickly. Sars and I put the two stepstools together by hand, with the infamous IKEA Allen wrench (ugh) and I spray painted them with 2 coats. Fun fact: It started sprinkling pretty heavily between the first coat and the second coat. I was spray painting against the clock! Once the paint was dry, we picked out fonts (no small feat, since I have approx. 3500 fonts – it’s a problem) and cute designs. Trent’s brother Jaxon received one a couple of years ago, and they share a bathroom, so their stepstools had to coordinate. Savannah (who has a really, really long name) has her own bathroom so I had free reign over that one. Her letters are actually lime green and the little birdies are a cute pink/lime green floral pattern – the flash made everything too light! Again, Mod Podge is your friend when putting letters and designs onto anything. I should also mention that Sars (you know, the non-crafty one) took control of Savannah’s stepstool and did it all herself. I think it looks great. Now I just need to get the dang stepstools to their owners…

Aunt Toni found this magazine rack at a thrift/resale shop and painted it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White and Primer Red. It needed a little something else, though, so we used one of the Royal Design Studio Stencils and a little Duck Egg Blue paint and made it even cuter.

Well, I haven’t really been able to stop thinking about how cute, cheap, and easy this craft was. Aunt Toni came up with it all on her own! She used two dishtowels from IKEA for each chair (.79/each), red ribbon to tie it with, and pom pom fringe to line the bottom with to make it even cuter. She sewed the two dishtowels together, cut small holes to put ribbon through, sewed the pom pom fringe on, and that was it. About $2 + 7 minutes. Seriously. I look at dishtowels in a whole new light now.

I think this frame cost about $6 at Family Dollar. It had a beautiful fug picture of something in it, I don’t even remember what. We covered that up faster than you can say “Mod Podge”. All it took was (wait for it) Mod Podge, (wait for it) Silhouette letters, and (wait for it) that’s it. So easy. So cute. I heart your heart.

Again with the $1 frame. I painted the whole thing with silver craft paint and let it dry. Then I taped off stripes with Frog Tape (thanks to Haven, I have about 8 rolls of that stuff), and painted it with gold craft paint. 10 minutes to do it and it looked pretty cute. I need to add something to it, though – maybe a big sparkly flower or something.

Since the letters at Hob Lob were only $1, we went buck wild buying different ones. Whitney mixed up some craft paint colors and ended up with a goldish terracotta color – slap some paint on those things and they’re finished!

Canvas + chalkboard paint + Silhouette letters + Mod Podge. That’s it. This turned out really cute and it showed up just great in Logan’s first day of school pictures!

We had an overabundance of blank canvases, so everyone that attended Pinterest Party made a bird canvas (I know you are loving this, Dianthe). Well, everyone except for me. I made Aunt Toni make mine. I wanted to be surprised! She wrote “Birds of a feather craft together 2012″ on the bottom edge of my canvas, so everyone else copied her. Mine is the hot pink one, by the way. Gotta be different.

This is a picture of everything we made (minus the furniture, which had its own post). It makes me tired (and happy) just looking at it. Paige (the new girl, that we all love now!) made several headbands for her not-born-yet niece, due to arrive in October. She whips those things out like nobody’s business! I should also note that Hometalk (like Pinterest for home stuff) sent us aprons to use for our Pinterest weekend – you can see that I tied one up on the banister! Wouldn’t you know I completely forgot to give them out until, oh, the very end? I wish we had a picture of everyone in their apron – we all loved them! Go check out Hometalk – it’s addicting. We are on it – there is a button on the sidebar! Every time we have a Pinterest Party, we try to get a picture of everything we’ve done – it gets harder and harder each time because we make so much stuff! Here are a couple of pictures from past Pinterest Parties.

Fall 2011

Christmas 2011

I hope you enjoyed seeing everything that we made – we really do have a lot of fun at these parties, but we also work hard!

Have we inspired you to have a Pinterest Party/Weekend? Tell us about it!

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  1. Stacie S-H

    I love having Pinterest parties! Have hosted about 5 since moving here to UT last year. The pom pom wreaths…omgoodness..tried to make those in ID last Thanksgiving with my sisters. Finally figured out a good way to make the pom poms fluffy and looking not limp but only after wasting a lot of yarn. Wow, you guys make fancy stuff at your parties!

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