Silhouette Ideas – Christmas

Ohhhh, don’t hate me. I know that it is only September, and here in Texas it is still 100°, but if you are planning on making any gifts or decor for Christmas – you know that it’s about time to get started. My work schedule doesn’t allow for much downtime at Christmas so I have to think way ahead! The Silhouette can make your holidays so much easier (and cuter!).


Silhouette actually sold the box pattern and frame for this advent calendar – last year a bunch of bloggers decorated them! Maybe they’ll do it again this year? This is my favorite one, by Whipperberry.


This was made by our very own housewife Brittaney! She made this last year at our Christmas Pinterest weekend. It took her forever, but it was so worth the time! Maybe if you ask nicely, she and Whitney will give you a step by step on how they made them.


This is Whitney’s version of the advent calendar. I love both of them! They both turned out so great – I was very impressed!


Tarah and I made these. Two words: Never Again! Very cute, but I will not lie – a TON of work. Math is hard when you haven’t taken a class in a long time – and there is math involved with these bad boys :)



This would be such a simple, quick gift or decoration – I love the simplicity of this garland!

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