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pretty hardware

Pretty! Purple!

The long awaited “AWESOME” post I was going to do on Friday. My child is now feeling much better and I have found time (at 10pm while watching the Rangers FINALLY WIN in a week). Last week we were childless. The kids went for a visit to the grandparents and I had a list a mile long of projects to get done. I had some furniture piling up in the garage (my $20 Craigslist find, my dumpster dive and a free dresser from a friend). I started off Monday morning with a list, some money and some paint colors in my mind.

Which piece did I want to start with first? Well, since I am planning on reselling the Craigslist find and the dumpster dive find, I started with the piece that was staying in my house – the dresser.
RCHOTX | dresser makeover

I desperately wanted a purple. Not just any purple, a deep purple. In case you don’t know, none of our favorite paints that we mention continuously have a deep purple. I took to Pinterest and found a “recipe” to make something similar with non-sanded grout and latex paint. I can report back that it worked wonderfully.

DIY paint

Before putting the paint on, I did do a light sanding on the dresser because of the finish it had. I wanted that paint to stick. It most definitely stuck, 2 coats of it. 2 coats = 2 cups worth of paint. I only bought a quart to begin with because I don’t need a whole gallon of purple paint. Want a gallon? Yes. Need? Not so much.

After the 2 coats dried, I moved onto the wax. I stopped by a local retailer and picked up some Maison Blanche dark antique wax.

MB dark wax

I’m not a very good “waxer”. It definitely requires a skill set and I’m getting there.

dark wax

While I waited for the wax to set and “cure”, I decided what I wanted to do with the hardware. I was sure I wanted a dramatic look for this dresser. I went to my paint shelf to check out my spray paint collection. Aqua, bright chrome and purple just weren’t going to work, but the can of black spray paint that wasn’t even half-full. I was quite hopeful it would be enough. I was wrong. A text with a picture to the husband asking nicely for another can of black paint, and viola! I was the proud owner of a full can of spray paint.

After the black dried, I just topped it with a clear protective coat. I may or may not have missed a spot on one piece of hardware that I didn’t see until I was completely done.

pretty hardware

Now, with the furniture refinishes I’ve done, I always find that there’s something I did wrong or that I don’t like. This piece though. This piece I absolutely LOVE. LOVE!

purple after

How could you NOT love that? Its beautiful and definitely perfect for the dramatic “big girl” room that I have planned in my head for Savannah. I sent a picture of it to Heather and her reply “Pretty! Purple!” which was the inspiration of the title. :)

DIY Show Off

I linked up with Project Inspire{d}!



I linked up with Miss Mustard Seed’s Furniture Feature Friday!

Mother’s Day cleaning

I hope y’all had a great Mother’s Day! I had breakfast made for me, watched a movie with my 2 little boys, giggled with my sweet little girl and they gave me a beautiful new purse. It’s stunning and has purple accents! I love purple!

While I know most mothers relax on Mother’s Day, I suddenly felt the urge to do a “mother’s day cleaning” of the banisters of our stairs. I have been going up and down those stairs, noticing them getting dirtier and dirtier. I rarely have that “urge” so I ran with it. However, after going through the cleaning supplies, I found that I didn’t have any “all purpose cleaner”.
All purpose cleaner

  • spray bottle
  • 2 cups warm water
  • 1 cup distilled white vinegar
  • 2 TBSP dishwashing soap

Directions are very simple – mix it all together in the spray bottle. See, very simple.

I started cleaning with a paper towel, the graduated to a sponge and followed with a paper towel. Now, there’s a before and after picture. Don’t judge. Remember, I have 3 young children that go up and down these stairs at least 50 times a day.

Before and after cleaningI found a few “recipes” for this all purpose cleaner. I just went with the one I had all the ingredients for. Cottage Sweet Cottage is the one I chose to use. Big Box Detox also has one that’s similar. Any of these will work. I think it worked very well and I love my clean banisters

I finally used the white vinegar for what it SHOULD be used for instead of, I don’t know, plotting to seriously injure my husband.


Uh no, Pinterest.

Y’all, it’s been exactly ONE month since we had an “Uh no, Pinterest” discussion. And when I say discussion, I mean, I (or Heather) talked and y’all laughed. That’s how this relationship works sometimes. I think it’s great.

Are you ready? I guarantee you’re going to think “uh no” as well.


If you have lego decor in your home, you might … need to rethink your decor. Legos are kids toys, not for your kitchen utensils. Also, the beer bottle opener? Yeah. THAT goes with your legos.

Source: oddee.com via Tarah @ on Pinterest


This might be the most uncomfortable looking chair I’ve ever seen. And really, does anyone still have “those useless tapes” laying around? I know I don’t, and let me tell you I had my share of those bad boys. Milli Vanilli, New Kids on the Block, all the best of course.


I’m all for redecorating. I love me a good furniture makeover. Note – a GOOD furniture makeover. This looks like it belongs in Rainbow Brite’s bedroom, or a what I’m sure someone sees during a good high. And don’t act like you don’t know what kind of “high” I’m talking about. ;)


I simply have no words. Really. I don’t. I can’t even think of something nice to say about this pin.

I changed my mind. I do have words. Uh no. Just don’t do it. Your family will look like Chia pets mated with pineapples.


Let’s rehash my thoughts on glitter. First its glitter pantyhose, now a wall … in your child’s nursery? Look at that crib right against the craft herpes wall. Your kid could eat that right off the wall. Kids do things you would never imagine. They touch everything. They lick things. Your little girl is going to grab some glitter off that wall and put that in places … I shudder to think. Just don’t do the “awesome” wall (shout out to my BFF, who finds this AWESOME).

I think we needed an easy going post today. Not much thinking, gives you laughter.


A self-interview {Tarah}

A Selfie Blogger Interview
The wonderful ladies at Texas Women Bloggers are kindly holding a “self-interview” link party. Since it’s the middle of Thursday, and I’m not being crafty or domestically active, I thought I’d jump on the wagon.

1. What part of the state do you call home?  The FW of DFW – we all know it is the better part of the DFW anyway. ;)

2. How long have you been blogging? Really actively blogging since July 2012

3. Why did you start blogging? What had happened was …A DIY conference attended by friends turned into THIS very blog.

4. What do you hope to get out of the Texas Women Bloggers community? Its always fun to have more friends, and even better if they’re Texas friends!

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In 5 years, we may or may not still have this blog. BUT I will still have 3 children (they’ll be 10, 8 and 7 – holy cow.) and maybe my husband will make it another 5 years (I kid. maybe.)

6. If you could choose an actress to play you in your life, who would you choose and why? Well, honestly? Melissa McCarthy. I’m not even joking. If you guys have ever seen her show, Mike and Molly, that’s totally me and my husband. TO a T.

7. Name 5 things on your Bucket List that you hope you’ll check off before you die? I’m simple – travel to NYC and Chicago, run a marathon, visit all 50 states at least once, learn to swim like a pro (okay, not a pro, but decent), and keep my house clean (haha!)

8. If you could be known for one thing, what would it be and why? I have a huge passion for children who are placed in foster care. I also have a huge passion for drug exposed/addicted newborns/children and preemie babies. I have no doubt most of my friends know this. It all holds a special place in my heart and I like to help others who need someone with that experience.

9. Describe one “wow” moment in your life. When a judge gave my husband and I a seal of approval for our first child. I looked at him, then Jody and then realized that I was then a “mommy” permanently and no longer “pretending” to be a mommy to children who needed one for a certain amount of time.

10. If you could “be” anything (no consequences, no fear), what would you “be”? I would love to be someone that has no worries, whether it be money worries, family worries, etc. But alas, that will never happen. :)


Pinterest Party – April edition

I’m sure we all have a Pinterest Party hangover …or better yet, a craft hangover. That’s a thing, you know? Much like Whitney’s new term she coined “#craftworldproblems”. And yes, before you ask, we DO find ourselves very entertaining.

Facebook fans – you should recognize this picture of the Pinterest Party – April edition sneak peek!

Pinterest Party Collage | RCHOTX

We made the trip down to Heather/Whitney’s aunt’s house again. It’s just such a pretty house and we can all spread out. In all honesty, I wasn’t sure if I was going to go, but alas, my husband was able to “make it happen”. I brought some half-started projects, 2 projects to start and then 2 little baskets to paint. Whitney has a whole nursery to decorate and Heather is a our Silhouette bitc…. I mean, worker. She didn’t really have a list of crafts after she just came off of a big week of meetings for work out of town. She did make everyone some really cute name plaques after she went outside to the “scraps pile” from the house remodel that was going on.

Front door wreathsThese two beauties were made by Paige and Ashley.

Paige was having her sweet fiancé paint their front door black this weekend while she was gone. She knew she was going to be returning with a yellow wreath so the door color needed to showcase. Heather showed her how to make the cute little fabric flowers, then we helped her with the idea of stringing “HELLO” across the center. Its just too cute!

Ashley’s wreath is the oval shape. HobLob has these cool oval shapes, in case you want one. This wreath has a super sweet story behind it. Those little rosettes down the side? Paige made those for Ashley’s wedding last year for her table number frames. Ashley spent Saturday morning ripping them off the frames so she could continue to use them in her house on the wreath. Add on that green burlap ribbon and she has a winner!

Maison Blanche Wrought Iron

Remember that field trip to Maison Blanche Paint Company? This is Heather’s take home door. It was painted with wrought iron, then Aunt Toni took the silver leaf to it. (Note – AT is a fan of this silver leaf. This is the second time she has used it and it gets EVERY.WHERE) The leaves were there glacaged part of the piece. I think it’s beautiful, even if it is that pesky silver leaf.


SPEAKING of silver leaf – Aunt Toni’s project. These letters are the cardboard/chipboard material that you can get at HobLob and JoAnn Fabric. She used some Maison Blanche Robin’s Egg to paint the letters, then took the silver leaf to them, followed by some Maison Blanche dark brown wax. If you look closely, you can see the Robin’s Egg color peeking through. Also, note the little “specks” in front of the letters. It’s glitter’s ugly cousin – silver leaf. Its floats in the air and gets every thing it touches.

Recycled can

Paige recycled a can that Aunt Toni had saved. She painted the can Annie Sloan’s Old White, added some ribbon then added this really cute fabric flower. Very simple!

Addicting fabric flowers

ANNNNNND these fabric flowers. Oh these fabric flowers. They became “the craft” that everyone had to do (like these). Well, everyone but me, you know because they’re made of fabric and I don’t “do” fabric. Anyhow, I watched these little flowers become a quick addiction for them. As you can see there was quite a few made, and that’s not counting the ones on Paige’s wreath and can, or the ones on the “name” plaques that Heather made us all (you can see those in the very first picture collage).

2013-04-21 12.19.45

Stay tuned for the Pinterest Party recipe post and Whitney will be showcasing all of the nursery goodies she made. Baby Benjamin is most definitely going to sleep in a super cute room!

Any thing you see in the collage you want to see more of? Let us know!


DIY Cupcake stand

More wedding ideas, y’all!!

Lindsay picked out a plain ol’ cardboard stand that she was just going to buy. She didn’t want to make a big fuss about it, just get something that no one had to work on. Here’s the thing, it came with a price. That price — $36. THIRTY-SIX for CARDBOARD, y’all. Cardboard. Uh, no. Not for my friend. Not going to happen. I made a DIY cupcake stand!

Enter the Dollar Tree. Have I ever mentioned I love Dollar Tree?

Supplies for cupcake stand | RCHOTXSupplies:

  • round cake pan
  • pizza pan/round cookie sheet
  • 2 candlestick
  • super glue
  • cardstock/scrapbook paper
  • ribbon
  • mod podge
  • hot glue gun

Cupcake Stand | RCHOTX

I took the pizza pan and traced the cardstock on the inside ring. It wasn’t exactly perfect, but there were going to be cupcakes covering it. At that point, I didn’t let it bother me. I put some mod podge on the pan, then cardstock and finished it off with mod podged over for a topcoat. I did the same thing for the small round pan but turned it upside down.

Cupcake stands | RCHOTX


I obviously did more than one, 3 total actually. They were drying … all together on the floor.

Cupcake stand | RCHOTX


It was time to add the ribbon on the edging. I believe the ribbon is 1″ thick, and it was perfect. Burlap ribbon was tricky, as it tightened together. BUT I saved it and it looked fabulous.



Exhibit A on saving it!

Get your super glue out, take the stickers off the bottom of the candlesticks. I put the super glue around the top of the candlestick and set off to dry. Super glue is the ONLY glue that will work. Don’t bother with hot glue. It won’t work.


After the candlesticks dried, I decided to do a little extra by adding a burlap skirt. This wasn’t exact on the length, but I wasn’t going for a “perfect” look. It was a bit rustic and I think it turned out well.

IMG_0635And sadly .. I apparently didn’t take a picture of them in action at the wedding. However, I got a picture of one of them when I recycled it for Savannah’s birthday.

Recycled cupcake stand | RCHOTX

Also … a Two-fer. Paint like wood for wedding signs | RCHOTX


Letters for wedding signs | RCHOTX


Cute wedding signs | RCHOTX

My sweet boys carried these signs down the aisle. They definitely brought some comic relief after the bride and I were stressed out a little. Wedding | RCHOTX



DIY wedding invitation design

I spent the most of January through March helping plan my BFF’s wedding. Remember that pallet project? Well, we did a whole lot more.

Lindsay, the BFF, admits to not being crafty. I can attest that she is good at a lot of things, and crafts are most definitely not her “thing”. When we sat down on the Saturday before her wedding, I worked on a few projects. She sat, cut fabric squares for her guestbook project and her hair piece for hours.

Before all that, we had to decide on herDIY wedding invitation design. I told her I’d design them and we could make them for much cheaper than buying them. We did a 3 piece set – the invitation, RSVP card and map card.

Invitations to make | RCHOTXShe found a design that she liked, but we altered it. Her “theme” (if that’s what we call it) was burlap and lace with purple. I had this awesome idea to take lace and use it as a stencil on the back layer of the invite. I should have taken a picture of that FAIL. It was awful.

1st layer of invitations | RCHOTX

THIS is the layer that was to have the stenciled on lace. It was a great idea …in my head.

Wedding invitations | RCHOTXThe design of the typography 

Final invitation | RCHOTX

I think they turned out quite nice. We found some 1″ burlap ribbon online at Save on Crafts, the purple ribbon and paper came from HobLob when it was on sale, of course. Everyone knows that you NEVER pay full price at HobLob.

Invitation set | RCHOTX

The complete set

This wedding was most definitely a huge DIY project. I have a few more projects to share from the wedding. Also, here’s a few projects around the house I’m about to get started on as well. Now that it’s FINALLY spring in Texas, it’s more comfortable to go outside. So some painting can be done. I don’t paint in the house unlike other people *coughWHITNEYHEATHERcough* I’m far too messy for that.


Pin there. Done that. – Killing my husband edition

Pin there. Done that. is back, y’all!

Source: fitsugar.com via Tarah @ on Pinterest


My husband was struck down with what we thought were allergies. I just happen to be on Pinterest perusing and this pin popped up. I thought to myself “Great! I can be all sympathetic and help him.” For those who don’t know, I’m probably one of the least sympathetic person in regards to my husband being sick. The rule is he typically gets 24 hours of sympathy, and then you need to stop your whining/moaning/belly aching.

Back to my moment of sympathy. He was about to go to sleep. I told him to stay awake long enough for me to make this to try. I ran to the kitchen and started gathering the ingredients. I had everything but apple cider vinegar. I’ve been really good about keeping my pantry stocked. I guess I just lapsed on this one. I’m okay with finding substitutes for recipes, so once again, I used my Google skills. The substitute – regular white vinegar. Oh I have that! Did it and didn’t think anything of it.

I took it to him, he drank it. A little reluctantly, but he drank it.

This was on Saturday or Sunday. I can’t remember.

He’s said a few times since that he thinks that maybe I was trying to kill him. That would have been too easy. :)

Sooooo … last night he was discussing this drink with my mother. When he mentioned I used regular vinegar, she immediately had a look of horror on her face. Then looked at me, quickly letting mknow that apple cider vinegar and regular vinegar are most definitely NOT the same, especially for drinking/ingesting.

This obviously did not sit well with him. He started googling. And googling. AND googling some more ….

“Did you know that you made me drink something that cleans appliances and … VAGINAS?!?!?!”

Yes people, I tried to kill my husband by forcing allowing him to drink something that would clean a lady’s vagina.

The moral of this Pin There. Done that. story – it’s probably not best to substitute some things.


Kitchen helper

Now that my kids are growing like weeds and getting up there in age, they want to help with stuff (whether I want them to or not!) Heather has given all 3 kids these cute personalized stools. She got them from Ikea and then painted them. Each have their names and designs on them. Jaxon uses his stool in his closet to get his school clothes and Trent uses his stool to crawl into his bed. We’ve been using Savannah’s in the kitchen for whoever decides they want to help with lunch/dinner. Its time for her to take her stool to her room. Now we will have a “kitchen helper” stool specifically for the kitchen helper that night!

Last month we went to J’s parents and made a trip to Ikea in Round Rock. I love Ikea. I had 2 things on my “need to get” list and a few on my “if I see it, I might get it” list. I quickly picked up the stool I was there for, then continued to peruse.

stool before

Jody was nice enough to put this bad boy together for me. It was amusing to hear him talk to the picture only instructions. This little guy was only $14.99, easy and comes in handy.

Of course I didn’t leave it natural. That’s totally not something I would do.

CeCe Caldwell paint


I’m the only one of the 5 of us that has branched out from Annie Sloan and tried a competitor. I’ve had this can of CeCe Caldwell Chalk Paint for a while. I’ve used it on quite a few things (a potato bin and a queen size iron headboard). This paint truly goes a long way. Since the stool is going to be used in my kitchen, Spring Hill Green is perfect for it.

painted stool


BUT here’s the thing about this color – until you get the wax on it. It seems more pastel than bright. Also, I hate pastel. So.


Clearly, I’m the rebel of the group. Not only have a branched out from ASCP, I also went with some different wax. Everyone loves Home Depot and Lowes, and I do too, however, they are not conveniently located near me when I need to make a quick trip. And when I say “not convenient”, I mean it’s like 5 miles away and … let’s be honest, ain’t nobody got time for that when you only need 1 thing. We have a nice Ace Hardware located near us, and wouldn’t you know it, one of the employees loves to refinish furniture. He recommended Johnson’s Paste Wax. Its for floors, but works nicely on furniture.

dryingstoolI’m not patient. At all. Luckily, I was working on another project while waiting for the stool to dry. It dries quickly, so that’s always a good thing.

Aren’t quick little projects always great to get out of the way? There’s more to this little guy. You’ll see.


Taco Turkey Casserole {recipe}

Taco Turkey Casserol

When Heather and I discuss recipe on blogs, we often mention our thoughts on the pictures of the food. People, if the food doesn’t look appetizing, don’t capture it on film, er … Camera Roll/Photo Stream. There are foods that look awesome in pictures. Burgers? Yep. Cupcakes or cakes? Yes sir. Casseroles? OH hell no. They are NEVER pretty. Ever. Just don’t worry about the picture of them.

With that established, there is no picture of this Taco Turkey Casserole but Megan at Honey We’re Home has a picture. It’s a pretty decent picture. I’ve taken her recipe and stepped it up a notch. It’s a simple recipe with 4 ingredients, but my version has 2 more to mix in.

Taco Turkey Casserole {recipe}


  • 1lb Extra lean ground turkey (Jennie O is my choice)
  • 1 can black beans
  • 1 cup Brown rice (I used instant)
  • taco seasoning
  • 3/4 cup all natural sour cream (Lilly's or Breakstone are good choices)
  • 1 cup Colby Jack cheese


  1. Preheat oven 275.
  2. Brown the ground turkey. Then I add the seasoning and black beans to the meat. Cook the rice the same time you're browning the turkey. Combine the cooked rice into the meat. Stir for a good and even mix, then add sour cream and cheese, save some cheese for the top. Pop in the oven for 15 minutes, just enough to melt the cheese nicely.
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We clearly like our Mexican food here in Texas. We’ve got a Walking Taco Casserole, Taco Soup, Taco Salad, and Beef Taco Penne Pasta Kickasserole. After reading that list, we clearly need to branch out on the food we eat.

PS. on the kid scale – One had seconds and would have had thirds if he hadn’t been drawn in by M&Ms, another cleaned his plate and I’m just thankful that Savannah eats a meal instead of drinking her way through life these days.


Fort Worth Food Park

A week and half ago, Heather, Kevin and I went to Fort Worth’s awesome Food Park. This particular weekend they were having a dog food drive for Homeward Bound. I, personally, forgot the dog food, but Heather, as always, is on top of it and brought some.

Our first truck to stop at was Red Jett Sweets to make sure we got our dessert. Heather had a Red Jett Velvet cupcake, while Kevin and I chose to be more adventurous, trying The B.M.T (bacon + maple together!). Next, it was to decide what to eat. The trucks for the night definitely gave us a range of food choices – Simply Dosa, salsa limon, Gepetto’s Pizza and Easy Slider Truck.


Kevin decided on pizza as his dinner choice.

“First time I had Gepetto’s Pizza. The crust was the best part. Perfectly cooked. The onions were awesome. I normally don’t like onions but theirs were great. Perfect amount of cheese, pepperoni, and sausage. It was probably eight to ten inches around, cut into four pieces.” -Kevin

I’ve had Gepetto’s Pizza prior to this outing and I thought it was great then. Glad to hear from Kevin his thoughts are similar. It’s really a good pizza, and he’s so right about the crust. It was my favorite part as well.

Heather and I, so much alike in so many ways, both wound up at Easy Slider. We each got 3 sliders for $10. Not so shockingly, each got 2 that were the same – Sweet & Lowdown and The Roadside. I also tried the French Revolution and Heather’s 3rd one was the Nutty Pig, which I must say is completely NOT something she’d normally order, but I don’t think the Sweet & Lowdown would be something she’d order either.









The French Revolution does not have a picture as it’s a specialty. It was my second favorite. Heather and I both really liked the Sweet & Lowdown. There’s something about the strawberry jam and goat cheese that just made that burger. It was so good, that I can still taste it and now, I want one. We all tried the Nutty Pig, and surprisingly, a burger with peanut butter on it, not too bad. NOT too bad. My least favorite was most definitely The Roadside. I didn’t even finish it.

I don’t eat beef very often anymore so eating these were a bit of a risk for me. I’m glad I took the risk. I’m definitely going to get some more of that Sweet & Lowdown, maybe even my own Nutty Pig.

Now for the cupcakes, you remember, the ones we bought first. We didn’t eat them first though. We were at least adult about that decision.


The Red Jett Velvet was just that – red velvet.

The B.M.T, however, oh my goodness. I’m beginning to think that bacon should just be in EVERY.MEAL.FROM.NOW.ON. Seriously. The bacon was in the actual cupcake and the maple icing on top. YUM! It worked so well together.

“Cupcake. The icing looked like dog crap but obviously (I guess) tasted better. Bacon was an unexpected flavor but I thought it was perfect with the maple flavor. A breakfast cupcake, for sure.” – Kevin

**In Kevin’s defense, the way cupcake shops “present” the icing is a bit on the “dog crap pile” side. We both really loved the cupcake as a whole though. :)

Sadly, there is no picture of said awesome cupcake because we were clearly eager to stuff our faces with them. Next time, maybe.

What did Heather think of The B.M.T?


 She messaged me WHILE I was typing this to say she didn’t like it. Hmph.

If you haven’t been to a food truck park, or even had food from a food truck, you are truly missing out. I’ve had grilled cheese from one of the trucks, and you know what — BEST grilled cheese I’ve ever had. Not even kidding. Find out if you have in food trucks in your area and try it out. The trucks here in the DFW travel back and forth between Dallas and Fort Worth. That’s pretty nice because you have the opportunity to try new ones occasionally.

Speaking of the DFW area — moms, moms-to-be, dads, grandmas and pas, there’s a new consignment sale happening in Grapevine in April. These consignment sales are awesome and Growing Growing Gone is sure to be a hit just like others. If you’re in need of new baby/kids items (clothes, toys, just about anything you can think of), plan to attend April 19-21 at the Grapevine Convention Center. See, it’s even located right in the middle.


Follow Friday – All Things Thrifty

There’s so many blogs that we could suggest you check out or follow, so it was hard for me to narrow it down earlier this week when I put this on my “blog to do”. I started making a list of that I wanted to share. Then something happened yesterday in my Facebook feed. There was this AMAZING pink refinished piece of furniture. I didn’t look at the poster, just went to read it because this furniture was just too amazing to really care who posted it. Once I was able to gather my thoughts I looked up to see who redid this good find. Lo and behold it was Brooke from All Things Thrifty.header new copy1

Meet Brooke

Brooke pic vintage copy

Brooke has some awesome 101 tutorials to help you glaze/paint/reupholster furniture. She also has some great projects that are just jaw-dropping. Some make me want to do some myself or better yet, just take my stuff to her and have her do it for me.

Double wing back chair

Baby Boy nursery

and …

Duct tape purses - and this is the post that makes me think she can do anything and everything.

Y’all check her out. Seriously, she’s fantastic!


The things my husband talks me into | Two Dudes on a Bicycle



Equal sign


Hey y’all, my husband, Jody, and his friend David are looking to raise funds so they can purchase this bicycle off of craigslist. Seriously, what could be funnier than Jody, the bigger of the two, riding up front and David right behind him. Poor David’s hands will be in an unfortunate place. 

They will be doing bike “tours” on this bike, which apparently are different than races, and have already thought of a name, “Team Sausage”. Jody has even threatened to train to ride the Hotter Than Hell in 2014 on this bike with David.  That’s a 100 mile (century as my hubby says) ride. These two started riding their bicycles to work about a year and half ago. They ride together and work together. Ain’t it cute?!?!

Let’s help these two goof balls out and have some fun laughing once the videos are made. I will share links of their video’s from time to time, because let’s be honest — seeing two men who are 6’4 and 6’6 riding a tandem bicycle makes me roll over with laughter. I mean the conversations that have taken place of discussing the bike have been hilarious. What kind of conversations you ask?

Jody: “we will have to be really in sync to ride that bike. That’s why it’s normally a man and woman.”
Me: “y’all are pretty in sync. If you and David were women, your periods would be in sync”

And there ya go, folks. I’m clearly the comedian in the house.

Two dudes on a bicycle is their fundraising page. And seriously, they’ve already raised $100 and they started this quest about 7 hours ago.


Pin there. Done that. {1 + 1}

Y’all, Pin there. Done that. is BACK this week! I don’t remember why I didn’t do it last week. My house has been full of sick people, me included. I think we’ve all bounced back. There’s a pretty ugly stomach bug going around. I would avoid it if you can.

I decided to combine two pins that I’ve pinned in the past.

Source: copious.com via Tarah on Pinterest


Obviously I didn’t use the state of California, because who would want to use that? I’m totally kidding, if you WANT use a shape of California, go for it. Bless your heart. ;) I recently found on my Cricut SCAL program that it has the shapes of the states. I was so excited, I knew exactly what I was going to do with the state of Texas.

Paint and foil | RCHOTX Canvas and paint | RCHOTX Papers | RCHOTX


  • canvas
  • 2 shades of brown paint
  • cardstock
  • heart shape from a previous project
  • Cricut
  • modge podge

I painted the canvas to start. While the canvas dried I went through the tedious process of finding the “right” cardstock. Since I knew where I was going to put this project, it was easier to pick out my paper. Then I put my Cricut to work.

Cricut working | RCHOTXTHIS is what it looks like for this bad boy to work. 

I really thought the shape of the Texas would take a lot longer. I loaded the paper, hit CUT on the program and went to work on something else. I didn’t even get situated in my chair and the box saying the cutting was done came up and the Cricut had stopped. I was impressed by that! Next was the job of finding the perfect font that looks similar to the one in the pin. It didn’t have to be, but I liked the BOLDNESS of the font.

My pile of letters | RCHOTX

Letters cut and ready to start but … 


not before I do something inappropriate with the letters. 

Hey Y'all | RCHOTX

Yeah, I know the modge podge is still wet. Instead of doing it in my craft room, I ran into the living room to catch an episode of my “favorite” show, House Hunters (and maybe an episode of Moonshiners). I did the letters a tad too big, but I’m okay with that. I managed to work with it. I’m sure if Heather had made it, her heart would be south for Austin.

What do y’all think?? Did I pull off combining the two pins?

Total time from start to finish – about 35 minutes

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Valentine’s Day {Printables}

As many of y’all know, Heather is a lover of all things printable. Well, okay, GOOD printables, not the “I did this on MS PAINT! Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL?” I’m sure there’s not even a MS Paint anymore. Did I just date myself? Anyhow, we decided we’d eventually start doing printable items once we got going steady on the blog. Guess what? You’re in luck. We’ve gotten going and we’re giving you some FREE printables to decorate for Valentine’s Day.

When we were discussing what exactly we were going to do, we just tossed around a few ideas. “Oh let’s do some cutesy love quotes”, “Oh song lyrics would be fun” or “Let’s do an anti-Valentine one!” When we got together last Monday for a little craftiness, we discussed our printables further. Its either really scary when the 2 of us are together brainstorming ….or its completely genius. I’m going with absolutely, fantastically GENIUS this time. And once this idea came about, we giggled and laughed. A LOT. In fact, even as I type this I’m giggling and giddy over it.

Without further ado ….

The Beatles | RCHOTX New Kids on the Block | RCHOTXN'Snyc | RCHOTX

Backstreet Boys | RCHOTX

One Direction | RCHOTX


Go ahead. Admit it. You LOVE them, secretly or NOT so secretly. You ABSOLUTELY love them. We couldn’t help ourselves. We started talking about The Beatles song since Heather used that for her LOVE frame, a New Kids on the Block song came on in the moment and BAM! We came up with Boy Band Printables. You’re welcome. :)

The Beatles Printable | RCHOTX
{fonts: American Typewriter and Great Vibes}

NKOTB Printable | RCHOTX
{font: Allura and Bernard MT Condensed}

N’Sync Printable | RCHOTX
{font: Champagne&Limousines and Dynalight}

Backstreet Boys Printable | RCHOTX
{font: Bebas and Coneria Script Demo}

One Direction Printable | RCHOTX
{font: Simply Glamorous and Book Antiqua}

Just click each link and it will take you to the printable without our watermark on it. I left a box around it to use as a guide to cut and fit in a 8×10 frame. And again, you’re welcome.

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