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Uh no, Pinterest.

Do you ever sit, looking through Pinterest and wonder “WTH are these people thinking?” Yeah, so do I. SOOO do I. It’s been awhile since we did an “Uh no,┬áPinterest” and the weekend is a great time to do a nonsensical topic.

If you’re a new reader, first welcome. I have a Pinterest board named “Uh NO“. It’s where I pin some crazyass pins. You’ll see, you’ll laugh and most likely, you’ll agree. And don’t forget … follow me on Pinterest. I’m about 2400 followers behind Heather. I’m NOT linking her Pinterest board so I won’t be that much further behind. :P

Y’all, I have SO many good uh no, Pinterest pins, its hard to pick.

**I cannot guarantee you won’t pee your pants from laughing.**


Let’s discuss glitter. Glitter IS awesome. I love me some glitter on CRAFTS and the occasional shirt, when it’s appropriate of course. However, here’s the thing about glitter, it’s called the “Herpes of crafts” for a reason. Its spreads like an infectious STD. These “awesome” glitter panty hose are going to be like a bread trail of where you’ve been and who you’ve been on all night long in “da club”. I won’t mention what trouble you’ll be in for when that glitter sneaks through the panty hose into your vag. Just … don’t.


Easter is just around the corner. I thought I’d “represent” the Easter Bunny. Let’s cut out his stomach and put a little container of dip in it. Nothing says “Happy Easter” like a belly dip in bunny shaped loaf of bread. Yum.


I’m a huge fan of upcycling. I mean, I really am. Upcycling a colander as a light is cute. It’s like a little lampshade. Upcycling a BLENDER? I’m thinking not so much.


Mmmmm, such a special cake.

One word: VOMIT.

Let me rehash something I’ve discussed before – if you’re going to take pictures of food, make it look appetizing. This does not look appetizing in any shape, form or fashion. AT. ALL. This is just as bad as a casserole picture. And the BBQ sauce as a layer separator, even worse. I may never look at a cake the same way again.

What am I saying? I’ll totally forget this and eat a piece of cake like it’s the last piece I’ll ever have. :)


I will be the first to admit I don’t get the whole “Zombie Apocalypse” thing. I don’t watch zombie movies, never have, probably never will. I don’t even care for vampires (sparkly or not). The idea of sleeping on “blood” stained pillows with hands coming out on the blanket, not appealing. While I’m talking about it, look closely at the zombie arms. Zombies are dead, people. They don’t need to have cuts with blood oozing out of them. I digress.


When I first saw this one, I’ll admit, I was absolutely speechless. Speechless because of it’s beauty? Ha.

Here’s a GREAT idea, let’s take a light switch cover and glue broken plates to it. You’ll remember the beauty of it when you’re passing through the door, flipping the switch on/off and feel a huge slash through the palm of your hand from the shards of glass/porcelain/metal that is glued around the switch. At least when Heather covered some light switch/outlet cover plates, she used paper.

I’ll leave you with one final one, or maybe two.


Beautiful Sally Jo at 2 years old ….

20 years later….


Her plastic surgeon let her include his business cards on the wedding program.


Monogrammed Wedding Gift (almost) Fail

One of my employees is getting married and moving away in a few weeks. She has lived on her own before, so I decided to go “off registry” (what so many brides HATE, I know) and get her something unique. Seeing as how we work at a jewelry store and monograms are somewhat popular in our line of work, I thought about doing something with her new monogram.

In comes my husband. He knows someone from HIS job that does embroidery. Duh – I could totally have her embroider a large monogram and I could put it in a frame (or on a pillow, whatever). I bought linen and trucked it over to the embroidery lady’s house. I can safely say that after visiting her, I wanted an embroidery machine like nobody’s business! All I need is one more hobby.

As usual, I procrastinated. I got busy with work and put everything else on the back burner. Yep. Remembered last night that I was supposed to give it to her today. Went to Target really early to look for a frame (because the usual suspects weren’t open yet – Joann/Michaels/Kohl’s) and found one.

I got home and started to put it together. One snag: I didn’t have anything to “wrap” the linen around in the frame. Normally, when I frame cross-stitch pieces, I use foamboard cut to size – but I didn’t happen to have a 15×18 piece just hanging around. I was officially out of time. I finally said “screw it” and used packing tape (don’t judge) and pulled it as tightly as I could around the backing of the frame. Yeah, it looked like crap.

craft fail

I debated – no one will ever see the back except for her. Who cares what it looks like, right? The front looks good. However, I don’t want to be *that* person that gives a halfass gift either. I just couldn’t do it.

craft save

I sat and thought. I didn’t have any paper that was large enough to cover the whole back of the frame. Nada. Then I had a lightbulb moment – the paper that comes inside the frame! I flipped it so the plain side faced out (instead of the side with the picture of the happy fake couple) and wrote a message on it for my employee, and attached it with – you guessed it – packing tape. It ended up looking just fine! She may never know the trouble I had with it, at least unless she happens to read my blog…


She LOVED it, and was so surprised – I even got a hug. She’s not the huggy type (at least with me) so I take that as a huge compliment!

Next time I do this – and there will be a next time, probably for myself – I will figure out how to do it better. For now, though, I’m pretty proud of my McGyver-like skills.

If you are married, what was your favorite gift? I like personal gifts that actually had thought put into them. One of my very favorite gifts from MY wedding was from an employee (funny how that works, isn’t it?). She drew my new monogram by hand and filled it in with silver leaf. I love it to this day and it has been over 8 years!

heather monogram