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pretty hardware

Pretty! Purple!

The long awaited “AWESOME” post I was going to do on Friday. My child is now feeling much better and I have found time (at 10pm while watching the Rangers FINALLY WIN in a week). Last week we were childless. The kids went for a visit to the grandparents and I had a list a mile long of projects to get done. I had some furniture piling up in the garage (my $20 Craigslist find, my dumpster dive and a free dresser from a friend). I started off Monday morning with a list, some money and some paint colors in my mind.

Which piece did I want to start with first? Well, since I am planning on reselling the Craigslist find and the dumpster dive find, I started with the piece that was staying in my house – the dresser.
RCHOTX | dresser makeover

I desperately wanted a purple. Not just any purple, a deep purple. In case you don’t know, none of our favorite paints that we mention continuously have a deep purple. I took to Pinterest and found a “recipe” to make something similar with non-sanded grout and latex paint. I can report back that it worked wonderfully.

DIY paint

Before putting the paint on, I did do a light sanding on the dresser because of the finish it had. I wanted that paint to stick. It most definitely stuck, 2 coats of it. 2 coats = 2 cups worth of paint. I only bought a quart to begin with because I don’t need a whole gallon of purple paint. Want a gallon? Yes. Need? Not so much.

After the 2 coats dried, I moved onto the wax. I stopped by a local retailer and picked up some Maison Blanche dark antique wax.

MB dark wax

I’m not a very good “waxer”. It definitely requires a skill set and I’m getting there.

dark wax

While I waited for the wax to set and “cure”, I decided what I wanted to do with the hardware. I was sure I wanted a dramatic look for this dresser. I went to my paint shelf to check out my spray paint collection. Aqua, bright chrome and purple just weren’t going to work, but the can of black spray paint that wasn’t even half-full. I was quite hopeful it would be enough. I was wrong. A text with a picture to the husband asking nicely for another can of black paint, and viola! I was the proud owner of a full can of spray paint.

After the black dried, I just topped it with a clear protective coat. I may or may not have missed a spot on one piece of hardware that I didn’t see until I was completely done.

pretty hardware

Now, with the furniture refinishes I’ve done, I always find that there’s something I did wrong or that I don’t like. This piece though. This piece I absolutely LOVE. LOVE!

purple after

How could you NOT love that? Its beautiful and definitely perfect for the dramatic “big girl” room that I have planned in my head for Savannah. I sent a picture of it to Heather and her reply “Pretty! Purple!” which was the inspiration of the title. :)

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ANOTHER Faux Zinc Coffee Table

After testing out the process (using this tutorial) on my $20 Craigslist coffee table (that I later sold for $90), I knew that was what I wanted to do with my $65 Craigslist coffee table. I just knew that it was going to take A LOT longer due to the 8 drawers and extra details that the other did not have. I put it off and put it off until finally I got some motivation (in the form of my sister who was coming over to work on her coffee table).

This is my coffee table BEFORE:

before 008Quite the beauty, no? Well, maybe not in this form. She was scratched up and a little worse for wear, but SOLID (aka heavy beast) and had nice details on the corners. And lots of storage (which my son promptly took advantage of with his coloring books and games).

Using my trusty Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Graphite, I got started and had the first coat done relatively quickly. Heather was painting her coffee table at the same time with homemade chalk paint (post to come later about that) and her first coat took way longer than mine and her coffee table was nowhere near as detailed/large as mine. The ASCP just covers so well and goes so far–it is worth the money in my opinion (especially now that I have seen the comparison firsthand). I didn’t even sand or repair any of the scratches, I figured that would add character and a more “metal” look to it once it was done (plus I was lazy).

After 2 coats:

1st coat zinc coffee tableOnce dried, I sanded down the entire table using a 200 grit sanding block. I tried sandpaper, thinking it would be better for the crevices and details, but I liked the sanding block so much better–much quicker and more comfortable to work with. It has a totally different look after sanding.

coffee table sandedsanded drawersAfter sanding it was time for the wax. Heather and I decided we wanted to try Briwax, as we had heard it was a good substitute for the ASCP clear wax. I had been using Minwax Finishing Paste and it was easy enough but definitely took more elbow grease than the soft-as-butter ASCP wax. I have to say, the Briwax was a *bit* softer but had quite a strong odor. I had to open doors to allow for plenty of ventilation, which I usually never have to do. And I may have started waxing too soon, but the Briwax also seemed to take off some of the paint as I rubbed it on. Again, that could have been my fault for being in a hurry, but it was something I noticed. I still used the ASCP round brush for the wax (LOVE) and an old t-shirt to wipe off excess.

After the first coat of wax was dry, it was time to start on the faux-zinc part by adding silver metallic craft paint (any will do–Heather happened to have some in her stash so I just used what she had; I think it was 2 different silvers too) to the wax. It seemed to take more craft paint to achieve the look than it did with the last table, but it could have been because I couldn’t get it to blend with the wax very well. I may be splurging on ASCP Clear Wax for my next project–I have been spoiled by her Dark Wax already.

Drawers and top of table AFTER:

Top drawer has just been waxed, bottom drawer has been waxed with the silver craft paint added. You can see the depth the craft paint gives it in this picture.

drawers after silver paint2013-02-11 15.22.01After doing a final coat of wax (this is a much-used coffee table, after all) and letting that dry, I buffed the entire thing (using a good amount of muscle/force) to get a nice smooth finish and shine. I love the buffing pad I got from the ASCP stockist. It is just a microfiber pad (for only $1.50) but it is wonderful.

It took me a while to find knobs to replace the original worn-out wooden ones because I didn’t want to spend more on knobs than I did on the entire table. I saw some beautiful ones at Hobby Lobby, but even $3.00 a piece was more than I wanted to pay. I decided to go with some cheap, black $0.97 ones from Lowe’s. It ties it back into my black entertainment center and work just fine. They even had a little detail to them.

zinc table knobs closeAnd I was done! Since it is a table that we use (and couldn’t NOT have in our living room), I kept it covered with a sheet for a couple weeks to make sure it could properly seal without getting scratched up by my son with a race car or something.

Zinc coffee table1 Zinc coffee table2 Zinc coffee table4So, just for fun, let’s see a before and after. I always love those!


Zinc coffee table after

I love it! Now, if I can get rid of my couches and rug and get that charcoal grey sectional I so desire, then it would look even better, but that will have to wait.

This was definitely labor-intensive but still didn’t take very long in the overall scheme of things. I could have knocked it out in a couple days if I tried really hard. Definitely worth it when you see the results though–my cell phone pics don’t quite do it justice.

Next up, a Barcelona Orange dresser for the nursery! Yikes!

Have you tried this technique? What do you think of it? What has been your favorite piece you have painted (any technique)?

TDC Before and After

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Monday Minute Makeover: 2 for 1!

It’s 11:14pm. But it’s still Monday.

Sorry, just a little busy over here.

But what’s new…when am I not busy?!

Last week, my MIL took off with my computer on purpose accident.

Therefore no computer = no blog post. My apologies.

So to make up for it, I have two little projects here…..

Goodwill finds: candlesticks $1.99 each and lamp was $3.99. Gross, I know.

Somehow I have this ability to “see” the finished product in my mind.

I just painted the pieces with chalk paint in Old Ochre (pronounced ‘okra’).

old ochre chalk paint

I painted 2 coats, slight distressing, and then wax.

Who knew they had that much potential? Now, what to do with them….

Now onto my next project:

ethan allen tables

I scored these two tables from CL for $15.00! Yes, both. Can you believe it?!?

When I got them home and turned over to tighten up the legs, there was the Ethan Allen stamp. As college kids would say, “I crushed it!”

Then I painted that good wood! Much cuter, don’tcha think?

This one is about to get resold on CL, and the other one is being used in dad’s living room.

(Oh, and before I forget– that color was also a mistint. Are you noticing a pattern yet?)

Well, boot camp comes early. Hope y’all had a great Monday!

Coming Soon

I promise I am still around. I work at a preschool 4 days/week and it has started back up and that has just taken over a lot of the free time I had over the summer. Believe me, I am antsy to get back to painting some furniture and doing some crafts (like this one). And I am sure my husband would appreciate me getting to painting since I have recently acquired 3 new (to me) pieces that are slowly taking over parts of my house. Yep, 3. I have a problem, remember?

So here’s what will be coming soon:

Last Sunday I told a friend I work with at church that I would be hitting up some Goodwills later that day. She told me to keep an eye out for a nightstand/side table for her son. The first Goodwill we walked into, I spotted this one. It is a taller table and it has a shelf in that open part, it just needs new brackets to hold it up. And it’s HEAVY. Price? $9.99! I snatched it up before I even heard back from her (I had texted her a picture) knowing that even if she didn’t want it, I would do something with it. The plan is to use Napoleonic Blue (i still have plenty left from my dresser) and maybe mix a bit of Graphite in to darken it a little (which means I definitely get to buy some this weekend!!).


This little beauty came about on Craigslist and I immediately coveted it. It is an antique washstand (supposedly. I never know with those things and didn’t see a stamp anywhere, but I don’t really care. It’s still pretty.) and very solid. For $50! I originally pictured it for my front hallway (pictured above) but it sticks out a little further than I like and is a little short for the wall. It will probably end up being a side table in my living room. And while it is definitely pretty like it is, I know I will end up doing something to it. I just can’t decide what. Paint or stain? Or stain the top (I want darker/less red) and paint the bottom? I need your thoughts.


And then there’s this coffee table. I just picked it up today (off a Facebook buy/sell/trade group in my area–seriously check your Facebook/area and see if there is one set up. I belong to 4 different groups in the area–here’s a group name for example: Trophy Club For Sale/Free/Needed). She was only asking $30 to begin with and I picked it up for $20. It is a solid, large coffee table in great condition and I plan to redo it in a Zinc-type finish. I can’t wait to get started on it! ***Update–see finished project here!***


So there’s my plans for the coming weeks. You will, of course, be kept up to date on the progress with plenty of pictures, I am sure.

What have been your thrifty finds this week? Do you have a thrifting addiction? If so, what do you gravitate toward? Furniture like me or something else?

Furniture Feature Fridays

SouthernHospThriftyTreasures copy_thumb

Pin there. Done that. {wk 2}

Hey y’all! It’s Thursday and you know what that is, right? RIGHT?!? It’s Pin there. Done that. Thursday!

{insert any emailed projects} — sadly, there weren’t any to post this week. Sad frowny face.

This week’s pin was actually done by my husband. He begged suggested I could use his project. I had found the project, pinned it and sent it to him. He saw everyone’s great furniture projects and couldn’t wait to try it himself. He says he has it out of his system now, so he’ll leave future projects like that to me.

I can’t remember the exact pin I sent him, but I have two pinned.


Jody found 2 dressers on Craigslist within a few days of each other – one for him, one for me. He’s a Craigslist addict, but truly comes by it right. My father-in-law could probably use a Craigslist intervention!

During the sanding

The 5 drawers – sanded and read to paint

The detail of the hardware that he loved!

He chose not to use our beloved Annie Sloan, taking it old school-man way and used regular Valspar. However, I helped him pick it out so that he got the right kind AND so that he didn’t buy a whole gallon. Seriously y’all, he was going to buy a whole gallon. Uh, no. He ended up with a quart of “Pearly Violet” and for the top he used Minwax Dark Walnut stain.

In all it’s white glory

The dark walnut stain top

His closeup again of the hardware.

I think it turned out beautiful. BONUS he put it on Craigslist and sold it in 20 minutes for full asking price!

Anyone have any furniture they are going to attempt to paint or refinish? Or have some pieces that you have painted or refinished? We obviously love painting furniture (one of us is truly addicted).

shabby creek cottage

Furniture Feature Fridays

House on the Way

Pinterest Party 8-2012: Furniture

Since we all have a *slight* obsession with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, of course, no Pinterest Party would be complete without a little painting. We were able to complete 6 pieces of furniture–3 nightstands, a dresser (which was already painted, just needed wax), a kitchen table, and a coffee table.

Now, onto the pictures. I know that’s what you’re all waiting for.

Check out this find! Heather and I found it at a Goodwill in Arlington for only $20. We knew Aunt Toni was looking for a side table for her daughter but couldn’t get a hold of her. I bought it anyway, knowing someone would find a place for it if she didn’t want it (that someone being me). But, of course, she wanted it. So it went from a very distressed (not intentionally) black piece to beautiful in Duck Egg with a drawer in Pure White with clear wax.

Aunt Toni was also working on a coffee table she found on Craigslist for $40. It was a little beaten up, but with it being laminate on top, there wasn’t much we could do as far as sanding. It was going in a college apartment, so we figured it would be getting beat up anyway. The paint at least gave it a fresher look, even though you could still see some rough spots. It adds character, right? We did Duck Egg all over and Pure White on the shelves with clear wax over all of it.

The next piece is a dresser I found on Craigslist ($50) but Aunt Toni bought it from me (again, for her daughter’s apartment–how lucky is that girl?).

She is still on the lookout for cute knobs or pulls, so it’s not quite done yet.

She also decided to revamp some chairs to go in her daughter’s apartment. Plain metal and wood chairs turned into red, cute chairs with Ikea tea towels ($0.79 each, y’all!) used as slipcovers…I would have never thought of that. No ASCP this time, just red spray paint–we take the easy way when necessary.









It was an easy, cheap project with very little sewing (and could be done with no sewing if you so desired) and totally changed the look of the chairs. She even added some pom-pom fringe on the back just to top it off.

Paige (Heather & Whitney’s cousin’s girlfriend) brought 2 nightstands that she scored for $10 each at a flea market in South Texas (how come I never get that lucky?!) and bought Graphite to use on them. Heather and I were so excited to see the Graphite on a piece of furniture. We have been wanting to go buy some for a few of our pieces but hadn’t managed to do so yet. This was Paige’s first experience with ASCP, so I hope she was as impressed as we have been. I think originally she was hoping for an almost black look, but with only 2 coats and then clear and dark wax, we got a dark charcoal color, which I love. I am sure if we kept going and added more coats and then more dark wax, it would have gotten darker, but she was happy with it. She added some CUTE houndstooth wrapping paper as drawer liner, which absolutely made the piece. Again, no before pictures (sorry, we just weren’t thinking), but just imagine one plain wood nightstand (sanded down) and one white one.

It was a very busy weekend, with all the crafting and furniture painting, but it all turned out really good.

Aunt Toni and Paige with all their furniture. And cute Lucy had to get in on the picture, too. **sidenote~Do you see the view we get when we have Pinterest Parties at my aunt’s house?? It’s a wonder we get any work done.**

I love ASCP simply because you can work so fast and get so many pieces done, but I do want to try to make my own chalk paint and also try gel stain and CeCe Caldwell. You know, just to get a feel for everything…and pass on what we discover to you guys, of course.

TDC Before and After

What furniture have you painted? With Annie Sloan or something else?

’80s movie helps the process

When my husband and I moved into our first home our parents unloaded furniture on us. Gosh, that was so nice of them . We gained our grandmothers’ furniture – a china cabinet from mine, and a table and buffet from his. The table has since found its way back to them, but the buffet remains. My mother-in-law kindly told me that I could do what I wanted with the buffet if I didn’t like the color.

That was 9 years ago, y’all. NINE YEARS.

Isn’t it a beauty?

I took the “already coming off” faux moulding off.

There was stain on the top, the veneer on the bottom edges was coming off and the faux decorative moulding was coming off as well. I did note that it was coming off right where the plastic the movers had put on it to “protect” it. I took the drawer pulls off, cleaned it and my husband helped me move it into the garage. Yes, you read that right, the garage … in Texas … at the end of July.

“Wasn’t it hot out there?” you’re asking yourself as you read this.

I’m sure you know the answer to your own question, but in case you don’t, it was ONE BILLION degrees out there. However, I’m not afraid of a little sweat, or as some of us like to say, “glistening”. My husband was kind enough to bring me a box fan to blow the hot air around cool me off. Thanks honey!

After the first coat. It’s amazing how simple it is.

Close up of my awesome painting skills


I managed 2 coats of Annie Sloan’s Provence Chalk Paint. I’ll be honest, after the 1st coat, I was a little apprehensive. This is my first time to paint furniture and use chalk paint. I just learned about the paint (and WON the quart of Provence) at Haven Conference. By the way, the conference was great. It was small, just perfect for my (our) first DIY/blogging conference.

Back to the paint and furniture.

So with chalk paint to finish off you have to wax or polyurethane it. I went the wax option. All the memories of The Karate Kid, the ORIGINAL one, not that remake with Will Smith’s kid. I shudder to think of the remake. I’m sure it was fabulous, but really, who can be better than Daniel-san and Mr. Miyagi. So waxing the furniture …. “Wax on, wax off. Wax on, wax off”.

Wax ON!

wax on … some more.

Waxing is a skill. A definite skill. I need more practice. I can’t even begin to explain the stuff that happened on my second project … that is still sitting in the garage.

Almost done


LOVE these drawer pulls!

I have a picture of the whole thing, but I still need two longer drawer pulls for the top drawer. I’m not having much luck locating ones that I like. I love the ones I picked up at Benbrook Antique Mall. I spent about 20-25 minutes with my bored-out-of-his-mind 4 year old, Jaxon, looking for the right ones. The booth I got them in has a whole shelf dedicated to knobs and drawer pulls. I absolutely love it. I paid $6 for 6 of them. When I looked at the orange store (shout out Brittaney!), I was looking to pay $12 or more for ones that I was just going to have to “live” with. I didn’t want to just “live” with them.

Since I don’t have those two top drawer pulls, I’m holding off on the final picture. I also want the final picture to be of its complete living spot all nicely decorated in my entryway with my awesome Craigslist mirror that was only $10 and I searched 6 months for!

And if anyone is wondering about the Craft Room of Shame….

Getting there!


My Recent Craigslist Purchases (aka Fueling My Addiction)

So, as I mentioned in my last post, I have several projects on my mind. The latest, and definitely the most spur-of-the-moment, is my idea to do banquette seating in my kitchen. I was randomly searching CL this weekend (for the first time in over a week, thankyouverymuch) and found several great pieces. But I only bought 2. See? Self-control. That’s my middle name. :)

This is my coffee table that I bought 3 years ago when we moved into our new house. I loved it at the time, but it has been well-worn in by a certain 5-year-old with scratches and nicks all over. It was also too small for our living room. **update–sold it for $115 this evening-already made a profit!**

And this is my new beauty. I love her. She is 50″ by 30″ with 8 drawers (4 on each side).  She is a heavy beast. Did I need a new coffee table? Well, no. But I got the lady down to $60 from $100 for a HEAVY, solid wood piece of furniture that is exactly what I have been envisioning. So, it was destined to be mine.

Now, being a Craigslist find, she has a few dings and definite wear, as shown here:

My original plan was to paint her. But as I started thinking about it and how hard my family is on coffee tables, I got nervous about how quickly the paint would show wear, especially since I am not a pro at painting by any stretch of the imagination. Then, while Pinteresting, I saw this. A tutorial on staining wood without completely stripping it down to bare wood (actually she says it won’t even work on bare wood). Of course, I will sand it down a little bit and patch up anything necessary but I really think I am going to give this a try. Hopefully that will hold up better than paint. Plus, I really don’t mind the wood on this coffee table, it just needs to be prettied up.

My next find was a gorgeous kitchen table. Again, did I need it? No. But it does fit my vision of my banquette seating area and I got her down to $75 from $95. Meant to be. I went back and forth about this purchase. I had already spent money on the coffee table, were we really going to do the banquette area, etc., etc. Finally, I just went for it. I am going to sell my old set to get money for the banquette supplies and call it good.

This is my old table (well, 3 years.) It has a leaf to make it 54″ square and 8 chairs. Still in really good shape, just not what I want right now. Excuse the mess of a wall in the background. My husband started removing the wallpaper a few months ago and hasn’t gotten back to finishing it.

And here’s my new table. It didn’t come with chairs, so that was also a concern because I am a little OCD about matching stuff but my sister calmed me down and assured me we could work it out.


So pretty, right? I am not even going to paint it. The wood is in great condition and check out those legs. LOVE. I can’t wait to get it in my kitchen. With chairs. And a banquette. Sometime in the near future. *fingers crossed*

I will post pictures when I get either or both projects finished (or along the way–we’ll see how the coffee table staining goes).

I am realizing now that I was so dumb to ever buy furniture at retail stores and pay retail prices. There is some great stuff out there. I am seriously addicted (as seen here and here). I may never buy “new” furniture again.

Anyone else find anything good on Craigslist recently? Are you as addicted as I am?

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Dining Room Hutch Re-Do

I am onto my 3rd Annie Sloan project (if you count the school desk)! I couldn’t wait to get started and my awesome aunt and uncle agreed to take Logan for the weekend so I could devote more time to it. Chris and I enjoyed a much-needed dinner date, followed by a trip to Lowe’s (I know–romantic), and ending with hardware removal and applying the first coat of paint.

This was the hutch before. I had a vision. It looks a little country but I loved that it wasn’t huge and had lots of storage. And I got it for $80. Bonus.

This is the hutch top after a couple coats and a coat of Minwax Finishing Paste. I used Annie Sloan French Linen, which is a grayish-beige color. I was really nervous about it at first because after the first coat it looked white, which wasn’t what I wanted. But one thing I have learned about this paint is patience. It always looks different after it dries (which is super fast) or in better light (duh).

And the doors. These things were a bit of a beating. The paint just didn’t want to cover everywhere and spots just kept popping up. Oh, and I gave up on taping off the glass but I shouldn’t have. The paint comes off easily if you wipe it immediately, which I didn’t do. So we had to scrape it off after everything was said and done. Not a mistake I will make again. Until next time when I am too lazy to do it.

The finished product! It is hard to tell in pictures but I did use the dark wax in some spots (with the Annie Sloan brush–which I highly recommend, or at least a brush of some sort…it was so much easier than a rag!). I spray painted the original hardware Oil Rubbed Bronze. I plan on covering the back panel in a coordinating fabric so it will make more of a statement. I will post a picture when I get that done…I am still in the decision-making process right now.

I am VERY happy with it. I can’t wait to fill it with my white china (from our wedding that I don’t think we have ever used) and some serving pieces. And I am not gonna lie, the bottom cabinets are probably going to house my ever-growing Annie Sloan paint collection since you aren’t supposed to store them in the garage due to the heat (at least here in TX).

Now I am on the search for my next piece to re-do!  Don’t tell my husband!

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