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Pin there. Done that. {It really does work!}

I know, it’s a been awhile since there was a Pin there. Done that. If you’re a new reader, welcome! Pin there. done that. is very simple. I find a pin on awesome Pinterest and recreate it my way. I’ve combined a few pins to make one, failed at painting while recreating a pin, and then the one time, what had happen was … I nearly killed my husband. You can call that last one a fail or a win, depending on the day.

Do you ever pin something on Pinterest and think “I wonder if that really works”. I have an Interesting Ideas board with some pins that I often wonder if they work.

Last week when I spent hours and hours outside in the garage (with both doors up), I needed some tunes. A few weeks ago I upgraded my phone but didn’t think anything of it. That is until I went to plug my phone into a little iDeck. Yeah, I bought it years ago and up until the iPhone 5, it worked for everything. Dang you, Apple, for changing the charger cord. I had to improvise. I knew I had pinned something that could “blast” my music for me. I mean, I really needed to get my Pitbull fix (and obviously Kelly Clarkson).


Pinteresting Idea | RCHOTX

Do you have a board like this on Pinterest? Have you tried any of the “interesting ideas” that you’ve pinned?

Recycled pallet wood

Do y’all remember that time I posted a picture on Facebook? Yeah, if you don’t maybe its because you need to be a Facebook fan. Go. LIKE!

WEEKS ago (yeah, so what I’m *just* now getting around to posting about it) I drove around our neighborhood and gathered some good-looking pallets. I picked up 3-4 total. One looked awful, but I wanted it that way. 

Well-loved pallet


My tools – a hammer, mallet and gloves


All taken apart and ready to be used

I’m sure you’re asking, “what on Earth are you going to make with these ugly boards from that ugly pallet?” Well, see, I have this sweet BFF that got married on March 29th. While her dream was to get married during the winter with silver, sparkle and snowflakes, she changed her mind based on the date and the place she found to have this little shindig. The place she secured for her wedding was a rustic barn. From there we went to Pinterest and she literally had a Pinterest wedding. Maybe I can get her to do a guest post about her Pinterest Bridal experience. She is a wife now, you know.


This recycled pallet wood was made into a sign for wedding guests to see as they were walking up the walkway to the barn. Both Lindsay and Brice love it, and I saved it after the wedding for them to put in their new house in June.


Pin there. Done that. – Killing my husband edition

Pin there. Done that. is back, y’all!

Source: fitsugar.com via Tarah @ on Pinterest


My husband was struck down with what we thought were allergies. I just happen to be on Pinterest perusing and this pin popped up. I thought to myself “Great! I can be all sympathetic and help him.” For those who don’t know, I’m probably one of the least sympathetic person in regards to my husband being sick. The rule is he typically gets 24 hours of sympathy, and then you need to stop your whining/moaning/belly aching.

Back to my moment of sympathy. He was about to go to sleep. I told him to stay awake long enough for me to make this to try. I ran to the kitchen and started gathering the ingredients. I had everything but apple cider vinegar. I’ve been really good about keeping my pantry stocked. I guess I just lapsed on this one. I’m okay with finding substitutes for recipes, so once again, I used my Google skills. The substitute – regular white vinegar. Oh I have that! Did it and didn’t think anything of it.

I took it to him, he drank it. A little reluctantly, but he drank it.

This was on Saturday or Sunday. I can’t remember.

He’s said a few times since that he thinks that maybe I was trying to kill him. That would have been too easy. :)

Sooooo … last night he was discussing this drink with my mother. When he mentioned I used regular vinegar, she immediately had a look of horror on her face. Then looked at me, quickly letting mknow that apple cider vinegar and regular vinegar are most definitely NOT the same, especially for drinking/ingesting.

This obviously did not sit well with him. He started googling. And googling. AND googling some more ….

“Did you know that you made me drink something that cleans appliances and … VAGINAS?!?!?!”

Yes people, I tried to kill my husband by forcing allowing him to drink something that would clean a lady’s vagina.

The moral of this Pin There. Done that. story – it’s probably not best to substitute some things.


Etsy Roundup {Opening Day!}

Y’all, I’m a huge baseball fan. HUGE! My husband’s friend (the one in the videos) told him yesterday, “I’m sorry you’re about to lose your wife. Baseball season starts tomorrow.” I was also told I need to get a small TV for my craft room. I’m taking donations for that now so that I can watch baseball AND blog/craft/design. Let me know if you want my Paypal address to donate money to the fund.

In honor of this obsession/addiction I have with baseball, here is a fun little Etsy Roundup!

Shawn St. Peter Photography - Vintage Baseballs, $30.00

Source: etsy.com via Tarah @ on Pinterest


Rock-N-Mama DesignsBaseball Junkie, $28.00

Source: etsy.com via Tarah @ on Pinterest


Polkadot AppleVintage Baseball Burlap Pillow, $22.95

Source: etsy.com via Tarah @ on Pinterest


Appalachian Primitive, Marriage Baseball Season sign, $15.00
I most definitely need this sign. It fits for this household. I was actually asked if I wouldn’t watch EVERY.SINGLE.GAME this season. Who does he think he is?

Source: etsy.com via Tarah @ on Pinterest


Vinyl Wall Accents4 Baseball silhouettes, $38.00

Source: etsy.com via Tarah @ on Pinterest


And of course, in honor of my beloved Texas Rangers (and yes, they did lose tonight *sad frowny face*) …

Jill Be NimbleTexas Rangers tank top, $26.00

Source: etsy.com via Tarah @ on Pinterest


Pinkie Toes BoutiqueShabby Chic Texas Rangers headband, $9.95

Source: etsy.com via Tarah @ on Pinterest





Adventures with vinyl

Last week I tried something new – adventures with vinyl on my Cricut. It truly is a trial and error type of adventure. If I hadn’t bought some vinyl on Pick Your Plum for inexpensive, it would most definitely be an expensive one.

First let me say … I LOVE GOOGLE! I googled before putting the vinyl on my cutting mat. No, I didn’t google “how to put vinyl on the cutting mat”. I just wanted to be sure I didn’t get ahead of myself. Wonderful Google took me to YouTube, another great invention (entertainment and learning!). Google and YouTube brought me to a tutorial for cutting vinyl with the Cricut. Suzy’s Scrappin Spot has a list of tutes to view. I watched the one for cutting and then watched her cheat sheet tute. While her settings worked for her, they didn’t work for me, so I set mine differently. It’s good to know though!

Y’all remember the stool I painted at last week? I have finished it.

As we know, I don’t own a Silhouette. I have a Cricut. It works, I like it, I live with it.

Kitchen Helper Cricut


I went back and forth with that I wanted to put on the stool. I asked Heather to help decide between “Mommy’s helper” or “Kitchen helper”.

Her reply – “Kitchen helper. Mommy’s helper = valium” 

Kitchen Helper it is.

Kitchen Helper cut


After messing up the first try because I used the “cheat sheet” settings. after changing them up a bit, it worked. I went with a simple font and a simple color – black.

Kitchen Helper layoutOnce I had the extra taken off and thrown away. I cut the block and placed them where I wanted them. I figured little feet were going to be standing on this, it just needs to be simple.

Painters tape


Being a first timer at this, I didn’t know I needed transfer paper. Maybe I should do a little research first before starting something like this. But really? Who wants to do that? I like to fly by the seat of my pants sometimes.

Google also provided me with a substitute material for the transfer paper that I didn’t have. Did YOU know you needed yet another material for this vinyl stuff? Yeah, neither did I, unless of course then you did know and I’m clearly in the dark about this stuff. The substitute is …. painter’s tape! Shocking, I know.



I know this is hard to believe, but I have had a semi-FAIL. What makes this a semi-fail? Well since the kids have been “using”* it, the L has flattened out.

*read – getting the stool and getting their own snack, mommy’s tape measure, a banana … I could go on.

Kitchen Helper doneand we’re done. Super easy, super cute and they love having their own stool. Too bad they’ve moved Savannah’s into the laundry room to help with the laundry.



Kitchen helper

Now that my kids are growing like weeds and getting up there in age, they want to help with stuff (whether I want them to or not!) Heather has given all 3 kids these cute personalized stools. She got them from Ikea and then painted them. Each have their names and designs on them. Jaxon uses his stool in his closet to get his school clothes and Trent uses his stool to crawl into his bed. We’ve been using Savannah’s in the kitchen for whoever decides they want to help with lunch/dinner. Its time for her to take her stool to her room. Now we will have a “kitchen helper” stool specifically for the kitchen helper that night!

Last month we went to J’s parents and made a trip to Ikea in Round Rock. I love Ikea. I had 2 things on my “need to get” list and a few on my “if I see it, I might get it” list. I quickly picked up the stool I was there for, then continued to peruse.

stool before

Jody was nice enough to put this bad boy together for me. It was amusing to hear him talk to the picture only instructions. This little guy was only $14.99, easy and comes in handy.

Of course I didn’t leave it natural. That’s totally not something I would do.

CeCe Caldwell paint


I’m the only one of the 5 of us that has branched out from Annie Sloan and tried a competitor. I’ve had this can of CeCe Caldwell Chalk Paint for a while. I’ve used it on quite a few things (a potato bin and a queen size iron headboard). This paint truly goes a long way. Since the stool is going to be used in my kitchen, Spring Hill Green is perfect for it.

painted stool


BUT here’s the thing about this color – until you get the wax on it. It seems more pastel than bright. Also, I hate pastel. So.


Clearly, I’m the rebel of the group. Not only have a branched out from ASCP, I also went with some different wax. Everyone loves Home Depot and Lowes, and I do too, however, they are not conveniently located near me when I need to make a quick trip. And when I say “not convenient”, I mean it’s like 5 miles away and … let’s be honest, ain’t nobody got time for that when you only need 1 thing. We have a nice Ace Hardware located near us, and wouldn’t you know it, one of the employees loves to refinish furniture. He recommended Johnson’s Paste Wax. Its for floors, but works nicely on furniture.

dryingstoolI’m not patient. At all. Luckily, I was working on another project while waiting for the stool to dry. It dries quickly, so that’s always a good thing.

Aren’t quick little projects always great to get out of the way? There’s more to this little guy. You’ll see.


Fort Worth Food Park

A week and half ago, Heather, Kevin and I went to Fort Worth’s awesome Food Park. This particular weekend they were having a dog food drive for Homeward Bound. I, personally, forgot the dog food, but Heather, as always, is on top of it and brought some.

Our first truck to stop at was Red Jett Sweets to make sure we got our dessert. Heather had a Red Jett Velvet cupcake, while Kevin and I chose to be more adventurous, trying The B.M.T (bacon + maple together!). Next, it was to decide what to eat. The trucks for the night definitely gave us a range of food choices – Simply Dosa, salsa limon, Gepetto’s Pizza and Easy Slider Truck.


Kevin decided on pizza as his dinner choice.

“First time I had Gepetto’s Pizza. The crust was the best part. Perfectly cooked. The onions were awesome. I normally don’t like onions but theirs were great. Perfect amount of cheese, pepperoni, and sausage. It was probably eight to ten inches around, cut into four pieces.” -Kevin

I’ve had Gepetto’s Pizza prior to this outing and I thought it was great then. Glad to hear from Kevin his thoughts are similar. It’s really a good pizza, and he’s so right about the crust. It was my favorite part as well.

Heather and I, so much alike in so many ways, both wound up at Easy Slider. We each got 3 sliders for $10. Not so shockingly, each got 2 that were the same – Sweet & Lowdown and The Roadside. I also tried the French Revolution and Heather’s 3rd one was the Nutty Pig, which I must say is completely NOT something she’d normally order, but I don’t think the Sweet & Lowdown would be something she’d order either.









The French Revolution does not have a picture as it’s a specialty. It was my second favorite. Heather and I both really liked the Sweet & Lowdown. There’s something about the strawberry jam and goat cheese that just made that burger. It was so good, that I can still taste it and now, I want one. We all tried the Nutty Pig, and surprisingly, a burger with peanut butter on it, not too bad. NOT too bad. My least favorite was most definitely The Roadside. I didn’t even finish it.

I don’t eat beef very often anymore so eating these were a bit of a risk for me. I’m glad I took the risk. I’m definitely going to get some more of that Sweet & Lowdown, maybe even my own Nutty Pig.

Now for the cupcakes, you remember, the ones we bought first. We didn’t eat them first though. We were at least adult about that decision.


The Red Jett Velvet was just that – red velvet.

The B.M.T, however, oh my goodness. I’m beginning to think that bacon should just be in EVERY.MEAL.FROM.NOW.ON. Seriously. The bacon was in the actual cupcake and the maple icing on top. YUM! It worked so well together.

“Cupcake. The icing looked like dog crap but obviously (I guess) tasted better. Bacon was an unexpected flavor but I thought it was perfect with the maple flavor. A breakfast cupcake, for sure.” – Kevin

**In Kevin’s defense, the way cupcake shops “present” the icing is a bit on the “dog crap pile” side. We both really loved the cupcake as a whole though. :)

Sadly, there is no picture of said awesome cupcake because we were clearly eager to stuff our faces with them. Next time, maybe.

What did Heather think of The B.M.T?


 She messaged me WHILE I was typing this to say she didn’t like it. Hmph.

If you haven’t been to a food truck park, or even had food from a food truck, you are truly missing out. I’ve had grilled cheese from one of the trucks, and you know what — BEST grilled cheese I’ve ever had. Not even kidding. Find out if you have in food trucks in your area and try it out. The trucks here in the DFW travel back and forth between Dallas and Fort Worth. That’s pretty nice because you have the opportunity to try new ones occasionally.

Speaking of the DFW area — moms, moms-to-be, dads, grandmas and pas, there’s a new consignment sale happening in Grapevine in April. These consignment sales are awesome and Growing Growing Gone is sure to be a hit just like others. If you’re in need of new baby/kids items (clothes, toys, just about anything you can think of), plan to attend April 19-21 at the Grapevine Convention Center. See, it’s even located right in the middle.


The “Fancy” Baked Potato – and a lesson

Fancy Baked Potato

I was feeling super ambitious on one of my recent days off, and decided to shock my husband by making dinner. Yes, guys, that really does throw him for a loop when I do crazy stuff like that. He seriously does 90% of the cooking in this house.

Usually, my cravings of the day rule my brain when I’m deciding what to make. That particular day, I knew I wanted potatoes. We were having hamburger patties (that’s right, just patties, no bread, that’s how we roll – pun intended) and I didn’t want the regular mashed potatoes.

Pinterest to the rescue. Now, this was one of those “fun” links that doesn’t go to the original blog and lists the directions/ingredients in the comment line below the picture, so be warned.

Here are the instructions on the pin I found:

Better Baked Potato! Make 1 inch cuts into potato and stuff onion slices, butter, garlic and spices inside! Spray with a little olive oil and sprinkle with salt. Roll it up in foil and bake it! Ninety minutes to potato perfection!

So what you want to do is this – get your potato, sliced onion, butter, salt, and pepper ready. Oh, and your foil. Cut (width-wise) slices throughout the potato, but not all the way through to the bottom. You want it to remain in one piece. I alternated onion/butter because I am OCD like that, but you do it however you want! You really have to push the onion and butter down into the potato – it took me a while to get it together. I sprinkled each one with salt flakes, fresh ground pepper, and a skosh (yes, that’s a word in my house) of olive oil. Wrap it up in foil, and stick in the oven for 90 minutes.


It didn’t tell me what temperature to bake them at. Off to the internet I go, because I can never remember this crap. The internet told me to bake them at 300° for 90 minutes – now, I believe everything the internet tells me (ha), so I did it. Yep, didn’t work. I think it needed to be more like 400° or so, because we turned the heat up for a while longer when they were still hard in the middle. Sheesh, internet, you failed me.

Once they were out and finally BAKED, they were awesome. 5 stars. Definitely a keeper. I’m sure they would be great with garlic and all that jazz, but I have not been feeling garlic for a while now – I am not sure why I have this strange aversion, but I do.

Now for the lesson:

I took a picture of the “before” potato – before I baked it in the foil. At the time, I thought, “Sweet, I actually remembered to take a picture of my food!” – if you’re a blogger, you feel me on this. EVERYTHING looks just great on your tiny phone camera.

Blow it up on the laptop? Different story. I didn’t think it looked TOO bad, but I was on the fence about it, so I asked Tarah for her opinion. I know she will always give it to me straight, and I know that I won’t get butthurt about it either. We’re cool that way. Her exact words after I emailed her the doctored-up picture with the simple subject line, “Yes or no”:

“It looks like a sliced up kidney with butter on foil :)”

I had my answer. I was leaning towards no, but I needed another set of eyes to confirm. Just because you cooked it and it tasted good does NOT mean that it looks good. I know that there are some major food blog snobs out there that won’t even give you a second look if you don’t photograph every single recipe you put out there – and that’s fine, I don’t need those fools as readers anyway – but I realize that I am not a professional photographer. Hello, I use my PHONE as a camera because I am lazy. You can only do so much with a phone camera. I take pictures, and if they don’t completely suck, I usually add them into my posts.

If they DO suck, I make a nice little graphic like I did at the top of this post instead of posting a grody looking picture of food. That still gives you, the reader, something to pin (because that is very important these days!) AND you don’t have to look at the nasty-looking casserole I made! Bonus!

And since I know you are all dying to see this kidney picture (it’s not THAT bad), here it is. Poor little rejected potato picture.

fancy baked potato1

Boom. Go make a baked potato and try to take a better picture of yours!


Follow Friday – All Things Thrifty

There’s so many blogs that we could suggest you check out or follow, so it was hard for me to narrow it down earlier this week when I put this on my “blog to do”. I started making a list of that I wanted to share. Then something happened yesterday in my Facebook feed. There was this AMAZING pink refinished piece of furniture. I didn’t look at the poster, just went to read it because this furniture was just too amazing to really care who posted it. Once I was able to gather my thoughts I looked up to see who redid this good find. Lo and behold it was Brooke from All Things Thrifty.header new copy1

Meet Brooke

Brooke pic vintage copy

Brooke has some awesome 101 tutorials to help you glaze/paint/reupholster furniture. She also has some great projects that are just jaw-dropping. Some make me want to do some myself or better yet, just take my stuff to her and have her do it for me.

Double wing back chair

Baby Boy nursery

and …

Duct tape purses - and this is the post that makes me think she can do anything and everything.

Y’all check her out. Seriously, she’s fantastic!


Pin there. Done that. {Yummy}

I’m always looking to change up our menu. Isn’t everyone? Truth be told, everyone in my house could eat the same thing every week. I’m the one that needs things to be changed. We have one night a week that I plan to have breakfast. The kids LOVE having eggs and bacon for dinner. Apparently it’s the “in” thing for preschoolers. I’ve been rotating a breakfast scramble and doing eggs/bacon/hashbrowns all separate. (The pin is at the bottom this week because I took some kicka$$ pictures and REMEMBERED to take the pictures.)

Breakfast casserole

Easy Potato and Bacon Breakfast Casserole


  • 4 c. Southern/country-style hash browns (cubes), completely thawed (if they’re not thawed, they won’t cook correctly)
  • 1 12-oz. package bacon
  • 1 1/2 c. pepper jack cheese
  • 1 1/2 c. cheddar cheese
  • 1 bunch green onions, chopped
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 c. milk*
  • about 1/2 tsp. kosher salt
  • about 10 turns freshly ground black pepper
  • *For high altitudes, reduce milk to 2/3 cup and sauté the potatoes in rendered bacon grease until partially cooked before baking.


  1. Begin cooking bacon. While the bacon is cooking, place the potatoes in a 9×13″ baking dish. Mix the cheeses together and sprinkle it over the potatoes. When the bacon is done cooking, drain it on a paper towel and reserve 2 tablespoons of the drippings. Cook the onions in the drippings for 2-3 minutes or until they’re tender and fragrant. Spread the onions over the cheese mixture and then sprinkle everything with the crumbled bacon. Whisk together the eggs, milk, salt, and pepper and, whisking constantly, pour the egg mixture evenly over the potato mixture. Cover and refrigerate overnight or for 7-8 hours.
  2. When ready to bake, preheat the oven to 350. Bake, uncovered, for 40-45 minutes or until the cheese is bubbly but not brown. Allow to stand for 15 minutes before cutting. Serve with fresh fruit.
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Here’s the pin from Our Best Bites.


Since today is Valentine’s Day, here’s a dessert that would be great for that special someone, Better than “Playing Outside” Cake — It’s delicious, y’all! Make it. I’m serious.

And speaking of that special someone – don’t forget my “special” (that could be meant in SO many ways considering the link I’m about to post) someone is trying to purchase a bike for him and his friend to do bicycle rides together … on one bike. Our benefit – we get to laugh at their shenanigans and they’re perfectly fine with that. So giving and considerate of our funny bones and need for laughter.

AND … did you hear the news? Whitney is having another boy!! Check out her nursery plans!


The things my husband talks me into | Two Dudes on a Bicycle



Equal sign


Hey y’all, my husband, Jody, and his friend David are looking to raise funds so they can purchase this bicycle off of craigslist. Seriously, what could be funnier than Jody, the bigger of the two, riding up front and David right behind him. Poor David’s hands will be in an unfortunate place. 

They will be doing bike “tours” on this bike, which apparently are different than races, and have already thought of a name, “Team Sausage”. Jody has even threatened to train to ride the Hotter Than Hell in 2014 on this bike with David.  That’s a 100 mile (century as my hubby says) ride. These two started riding their bicycles to work about a year and half ago. They ride together and work together. Ain’t it cute?!?!

Let’s help these two goof balls out and have some fun laughing once the videos are made. I will share links of their video’s from time to time, because let’s be honest — seeing two men who are 6’4 and 6’6 riding a tandem bicycle makes me roll over with laughter. I mean the conversations that have taken place of discussing the bike have been hilarious. What kind of conversations you ask?

Jody: “we will have to be really in sync to ride that bike. That’s why it’s normally a man and woman.”
Me: “y’all are pretty in sync. If you and David were women, your periods would be in sync”

And there ya go, folks. I’m clearly the comedian in the house.

Two dudes on a bicycle is their fundraising page. And seriously, they’ve already raised $100 and they started this quest about 7 hours ago.


Easy Taco Salad

easy taco salad

I don’t know about you, but we grew up eating this salad. Every time I make it, it takes me back to my childhood. This is just one of those recipes that you can put together easily for a quick meal, and everyone seems to enjoy it.

My husband had never even heard of this salad until he met me – and he doesn’t love it the way that I make it, which is fine with me. I’ve learned not to get upset if he doesn’t like something – that’s his problem, not mine! He just makes some adjustments to his and he’s happy. I’ve included his preferences as well!

Easy Taco Salad

10 minutes

Yield: 4


  • 1 pound ground beef
  • Taco seasoning (We only use Penzey's Bold Taco)
  • Lettuce (I prefer romaine)
  • 1 can kidney beans or pinto beans, drained and rinsed
  • Catalina dressing
  • Salsa
  • Shredded cheese
  • Fritos or tortilla chips
  • Optional:
  • Diced tomatoes, sour cream, guacamole, cilantro


  1. Brown the ground beef with a little bit of water (1/4 cup or so) and taco seasoning. Drain.
  2. We prepare our own bowls, so this is how I generally do mine (in layers): Fritos, lettuce, ground beef, beans, cheese, catalina dressing, and a few more Fritos for the top :)
  3. My husband prefers to use tortilla chips and salsa instead of Fritos and Catalina dressing.
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Monday’s Minute Makeover

Hi y’all. You missed me, didn’t you?? :)

Last week flew by for some reason. My only excuse.

I have this week’s minute makeover. Remember that little post back 2 Fridays ago. You know the one where I took my husband on a thrift shop date for the Young House LoveUnofficial Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge“, and I scored that awesome set of 3 little white ceramic deer.

3 deer

Hi 80s taffeta ascots!

I know you’re all thinking “why in the world would she get rid of those awesome ascots they’re wearing?” Well, let me tell you why. What you can’t see about these “lovely” ribbons is the jingle bell hiding in there somewhere. And also, I’m not really a red person, or a deer dressed with an ascot kind of person either. Its probably just me though. I’m sure y’all love it. Too bad they’re mine. :P

3 deer no bowNaked and ready for their makeover. 

bare back

“Oh no! She forgot to paint my good side!”

THIS is the spray paint I should have used on my silver Christmas yard balls. It goes on nice and smooth, and all over my hand. I’ve just decided I’m a messy painter. Its beginning to be embarrassing.
3 silver deer

ANNNNNND they’re done. 

They’re super cute and less creepy in silver than in white. I wonder if my husband would notice if I just left them year round. Hmmmm.

Time for this makeover : 20 minutes at most. That includes de-ribboning, tagging the sticker tags and washing the residue from the tags off.


 A “police” body outline. I humor myself if you can’t tell.

We’re all getting very good at thrift shopping or Craigslisting, like I did this weekend. I got some awesome gold (or brass) lamps, a big a$$ mirror and some Corningware. One cannot have too much Corningware.

Anyone get anything good this weekend?? I know Heather was “poppin’ tags” on a fabulous find for her house.


Painted Furniture Roundup

According to our stats, the furniture/painting posts are the reader favorites by a landslide! In looking back at our archives, I thought that it would be so much nicer if they were all together in one big post – so here you go!

1. Dining Room Hutch Re-do 

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint | French Linen + ASCP Dark Wax

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint | French Linen + ASCP Dark Wax

2. Vanity Stool Makeover

hot pink vanity stool makeover


3. I-Know-You-Didn’t Hope Chest

Hope chest freezer paper transfer

4. ASCP Primer Red chest of drawers

Brendan's Dresser After

5. ASCP Barcelona Orange Dresser


6. ASCP Provence Buffet

7. The Pinterest Party to end all Pinterest Parties

furniture pinterest 8-2012

8. One of the Real Cheap Househusbands takes on painting a chest of drawers

The dark walnut stain top

The dark walnut stain top

9. The much loved faux zinc coffee table

coffee table after

10. Goodwill nightstand redo

nightstand drawer

11. Entry hall table makeover

12. A “new” coffee table for Dad

green coffee table

13. Dr. Seuss nursery reveal


14. Gilded Pesto chair makeover 

chair makeover

15. Brittaney’s random furniture makeovers


16. The one where Christie gets brave

finished coffee table

Guys, we have painted a LOT of furniture in a relatively short period of time! I had no idea until I put this roundup together.

Guess what? There’s more on the way! Patience, grasshoppers.

DIY Show Off

Read more at http://diyshowoff.com/2013/02/10/that-diy-party-3/


Heather’s Dream Houzz (.com)

You know how you decide you want to do ONE thing, and then it turns into two things, and before you know it – it’s twenty things? Well, that’s what happened to me.

I’m going to paint my coffee table with Gilded Pesto this weekend, and it has made me design a whole new living room (that I can’t afford!). One piece at a time, Heather, one piece at a time. (If you like my Gilded Pesto chairs, go check out Roeshel’s Gilded Pesto sliding door at DIY Showoff! I love it – her post is what made me want to paint everything in sight again)

So, to keep me from spending money I don’t have, I created an Ideabook on Houzz. I’ve glanced at the site before, but never spent too much time on it. It’s pretty handy, and I’ll be doing more (imaginary) rooms now! Here’s a slideshow of what I came up with – this is VERY modern for me, but I kind of think that the colors I like lend themselves to a more modern room than I’m used to. I like it!

Check out the slideshow and tell me what you think – I’m thinking I need to make this room a reality! Houzz is fun – whether you’re dreaming (like me) or actually doing. Go make a room and share it with us! (PS: If the slideshow doesn’t show up, refresh your browser and it should work just fine)

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So, whatcha think? I’m thinking I need to make this room a reality!