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Pin There. Done That. Kids’ Artwork Storage {Whitney Edition}

I have been meaning to organize Logan’s artwork/paperwork for some time now. Especially now that he is in Kindergarten, the cute crafts and writing samples just keep pouring in. Everything has been scattered throughout my house–in the guest room, in the cabinets, in drawers, some of it on the walls as display. But still very scattered. And driving me crazy.

I saw this pin a long time ago and thought I re-pinned it. Apparently I did not, so I had to go back and find it again today.


logan folder

I was in need of a file storage box but I had a few hanging folders to at least get me started. After a quick (are they ever quick?) trip to Target, I was able to get started. I will say I am glad I started now–I can’t imagine going through everything after more than 5 years. Logan has already built up quite the stash. I will be starting one of these with the new baby ASAP.

2013-03-02 15.17.02I had a lot of artwork from before Logan started preschool–either done at home or with his sitter (from when I taught full-time), so I added a file for those years. (BTW, how much do you love this picture? Cracks me up everytime I see it!)

logan preschool

He went to 2 different preschools (one at age 3 and one at 4) but I combined them in one.

logan blurred

Ah, Kindergarten. This file has art, writing samples, report cards and other miscellaneous items I (or Logan) couldn’t part with.

2013-03-02 15.19.27And now it is ALL in one place. Nice and neat. It will go in his closet, easy to get to but out of the way.

All the printables I used for the front of the files are available here. There are also printable file folder labels, but I didn’t use those. I may go back and get some later and use them, but for now I will call it good.

I also made a file for all of Logan’s Santa letters. I have saved them since 2008 (the first year he could actually scribble). I will add hanging folders for every year and hopefully be able to keep it contained to one box–maybe that will be my goal so I can weed things out appropriately as we go along.

It feels really good to have it all organized and safe. My nesting phase has seemingly kicked in early and this satisfied that urge today.

Do you have your kids’ artwork organized? How have you done yours?

Also, see how Brittaney organizes her kids’ artwork here!


Monday’s Minute Makeover: Organizing School Papers & Artwork

love organizing. No, I reeeally love it.

It’s unnatural.

Well, this Monday marks 2 weeks until school starts!

Here in Texas, anyway.

So, if you’re wanting a way to get all those papers/mementos/artwork  from the past school years organized,

here is how I did it (before & now).

Before, I just had a folder, labeled the outside and stuffed it full.

I keep the majority of the kids’ work throughout the year.

Then towards the end, we go through it, keeping their best or most memorable work.

I don’t keep all of it.

The problem with the folders is that some of the artwork wouldn’t fit well.

So after a search (which for me is 2-3 stores) I came across these:

Clear  large envelopes just like the manilla ones with the string closure.

Purchased at Office Max~ $7.99 for a 5 pack.

I then printed a cover sheet for the school year on scrapbook paper and put it in the front of the work on the inside.

Ahh, MUCH better.

This excites me!

I probably shouldn’t admit how long I spent admiring all the folders in all their organized glory.

So I won’t.

It was a while :)

Then they all go to live in a paper box. I prefer paper boxes most of the time. This is why:

1. They are small, compact, not bulky.

2. They have a lid.

3. Easily stored.

I used to be an elementary school teacher so I hoarded them.

I like boxes A LOT.

It’s one of the few things I can’t seem to throw out.

I took an extra clear envelope and put all of our summer vacation keepsakes in it. It worked great since some things are oversized.

Have a wonderful week, y’all, and get organized!