Valentine’s Day {Printables}

As many of y’all know, Heather is a lover of all things printable. Well, okay, GOOD printables, not the “I did this on MS PAINT! Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL?” I’m sure there’s not even a MS Paint anymore. Did I just date myself? Anyhow, we decided we’d eventually start doing printable items once we got going steady on the blog. Guess what? You’re in luck. We’ve gotten going and we’re giving you some FREE printables to decorate for Valentine’s Day.

When we were discussing what exactly we were going to do, we just tossed around a few ideas. “Oh let’s do some cutesy love quotes”, “Oh song lyrics would be fun” or “Let’s do an anti-Valentine one!” When we got together last Monday for a little craftiness, we discussed our printables further. Its either really scary when the 2 of us are together brainstorming ….or its completely genius. I’m going with absolutely, fantastically GENIUS this time. And once this idea came about, we giggled and laughed. A LOT. In fact, even as I type this I’m giggling and giddy over it.

Without further ado ….

The Beatles | RCHOTX New Kids on the Block | RCHOTX N'Snyc | RCHOTX

Backstreet Boys | RCHOTX

One Direction | RCHOTX


Go ahead. Admit it. You LOVE them, secretly or NOT so secretly. You ABSOLUTELY love them. We couldn’t help ourselves. We started talking about The Beatles song since Heather used that for her LOVE frame, a New Kids on the Block song came on in the moment and BAM! We came up with Boy Band Printables. You’re welcome. :)

The Beatles Printable | RCHOTX
{fonts: American Typewriter and Great Vibes}

NKOTB Printable | RCHOTX
{font: Allura and Bernard MT Condensed}

N’Sync Printable | RCHOTX
{font: Champagne&Limousines and Dynalight}

Backstreet Boys Printable | RCHOTX
{font: Bebas and Coneria Script Demo}

One Direction Printable | RCHOTX
{font: Simply Glamorous and Book Antiqua}

Just click each link and it will take you to the printable without our watermark on it. I left a box around it to use as a guide to cut and fit in a 8×10 frame. And again, you’re welcome.

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24 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day {Printables}

      1. Tarah Post author

        First time was a great time, second time was a blast, third time I fell in love, now I hope it lasts. I can see it in your walk tell it when you talk, see it in everything you do, even in your thoughts.

        And…you’re welcome.

    1. Tarah Post author

      I’ll admit, they are my favorite. In fact, one of their songs came up on my workout playlist today. I hope you enjoy!

    1. Tarah Post author

      I was more of New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys fan (and dare I add the unpopular 98 Degrees). I’m a HUGE Justin Timberlake fan now though.

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  2. amyathomesweetthriftyhome

    My daughter is a “One Directioner and has a One Direction Infection”…those would be her words. LOL She is almost 11. There are some days that if I hear the words “One Direction” once more I think my head will explode. She has quizzed me on their names, where they are from, what their favorite things are, and I even know that Louis’ birthday is the same as mine…Christmas Eve. Her and her bff even made cookies to celebrate Zayn’s bday a couple weeks ago. Actually, they do have some very catchy songs that are fun to sing…I’m a fan too. Thanks for the printable…will definitely be printing one for my sweet girl. :)

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